Breeze Branding & Logo

Our brand is more than our name or our logo. It's the sum total of everything we say and do.

Breeze makes church software simple.
The world's easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches. 

Our brand connects people to who we are as an organization and what we want to be known for. This guide will explain how to use the Breeze logo with confidence and clarity. 


The following guidelines have been designed to ensure consistency within our brand, help to create strong, recognizable and innovative communications.

Both .png and .jpeg files of the approved Breeze logo are available at the bottom of this article. Feel free to use the logo in accordance with the brief guidelines provided below. 

Use Case & Guidelines

The single most identifiable element of our identity is our logo. Consistent use of our logo is key to retaining brand strength through immediate recognition of who we are and what we stand for. 

The logo is available for use in Black, White, Ocean Blue & Deep Blue. For example: general communications, stationery, signage, digital, swag and third party use.

The first preference is to use the Ocean Blue, however sometimes to ensure legibility the Deep Blue, Black or White may work better and are acceptable. The Breeze logo color is #006fba in Hex Color Code.

BreezeFull_OceanBlue.jpg .                           BreezeMark_OceanBlue.jpg


Any changes to our logo diminish its integrity and equity of our brand. The examples listed here are some specific "do nots" for our logo. 

  • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not change the color of a part of the logo
  • Do not change the spacing between any of the letters
  • Do not rotate the logo
  • Do not add any effects or distort the logo
  • Do not change the proportions of the logo