Ownership of Data

Breeze takes extreme measures to ensure that your data is safe & private. Nobody wants their data floating around the interwebs for anyone to gobble up and send email after email trying to sell a new timeshare or some new medical plan.  

When a Breeze account is established, one of the very first tasks is to create a “Primary Contact” account.  This is an individual, acting on behalf of the "Organization" (ie. the Church), having full authority to enter into a binding contract on behalf of the Organization, that registers with the Service. This is the very first username & password that is created and is thereafter appointed by the Organization as “Primary Contact”.

Once the Breeze account is established, the Primary Contact will begin to create other "User Accounts".  The “User” is an individual, acting on behalf of the Organization, granted access to the Service by the Primary Contact holding permission to add additional Users.

At the end of the day, though, it is the Organization that is our “customer".  The Organization is who holds the keys and owns all of the data that is stored with Breeze.

After cancellation of service, or suspension due to an unpaid subscription, we will queue data up for permanent deletion from our secure servers.