Ownership of Data

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    Hello. How may we change our primary user/primary contact? Our Director of Religious Education originally set up the Breeze account strictly to track attendance. However, our congregation has now decided to use Breeze for all of our ChMS needs, including entering pledges, contributions, etc. 

    We would like the congregational administrator to now be the primary contact in Breeze but have been unable to change it, even from the original primary contact's account. Thank you.

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    Emily W.

    Hi there!

    Happy to help! The primary contact user of the account will have to change this by selecting a User and clicking on the pencil icon to edit the User. They will see a box to select Primary Contact. 

    If the primary user still cannot make the change, please reach out to our support team and let us know! You can email us at support@breezechms.com. :) 


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    That took care of it. Thank you! 

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