Sales Tax and Tax Exempt Certificates

Breeze now collects and remits sales tax in several US jurisdictions (applicable states listed below). 

Products like Breeze, Software as a Service (SaaS), are considered taxable in a growing number of US states, and tax laws change rapidly.

Breeze applies tax rates to your monthly invoice based on the city, state of record found in Account Settings. If you are in a taxable jurisdiction and you don’t have tax-exempt status, you will see a line for sales tax on your monthly invoice.

Tax-exempt? We've made it easy to provide the necessary certificates. 

Uploading Tax Exempt Certificates into Breeze

From the dashboard, navigate to:

  • Account Settings () > Manage Account
  • Click "Upload Tax Exempt Certificate" choose your file and hit Open 
  • Be sure to click "Save Changes" (blue button) when upload is complete

That's it! You're all set. 



Breeze Address

What is the Breeze address for completing my tax-exempt form? 

Breeze Church Management
901 Woodland St., Ste. 104
Nashville, TN 37206


Who is required to pay sales tax?

Tax law is complicated. Among several factors considered, if Breeze has a physical presence in a taxable state, sales tax is required to be collected and remitted. Breeze collects and remits sales tax in the following jurisdictions: 

Please note: Links to tax-exempt forms have been provided for your convenience and should be verified for accuracy with your tax professional.

What changed? I wasn’t being charged sales tax to this point, why now?

Rapidly changing tax law and business updates (entering new states, customer count, etc) are a few factors that impact tax liabilities. Breeze will continue to update the taxable status of accounts in accordance with local and state jurisdiction. 

Where can I see how much I’m getting charged for sales tax each month?

If you are being charged sales tax, you will see it as a line item on your invoice. To view your invoices, navigate Navigate to the  "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right > Choose "Manage Account" > select "Invoices". 

How does Breeze calculate the sales tax owed?

Tax law changes regularly, so we work with a third-party software company that focuses on state and local tax. Breeze applies tax rates to your monthly invoice based on the expert guidance of this third-party.

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