Managing Pledge Campaigns


Campaigns help organize pledges by grouping them by either purpose or timeframe. While pledges can have custom settings, default options can be set at the campaign level to determine the default time frame and funds for which contributions should be included. 

Add Campaign

To add a new campaign:

  1. Navigate to MoreContributionsPledges
  2. Click Add Campaign in the upper right
  3. Enter a Campaign Name
  4. Set the Default Start/End Date and Default Fund
    (These default options will make adding pledges to the campaign easier later on, as they determine the pre-set selections for date range and fund, which determine which contributions should count toward an individual's pledge.)
  5. Click Add Campaign at the bottom right

View Campaigns

To view campaigns:

  1. Navigate to MoreContributionsPledges
  2. This list of campaigns can be sorted by clicking the column headers
    (The default setting will sort by the most recently created campaign.)

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Editing the Default Options of a campaign, after pledges have already been added, does not reset the pledge settings to match (it will not bulk-update current pledges with the default date and fund selections).
  • Editing the Default Options of a campaign, after pledges have already been added, will only apply the default date and fund selections when adding new pledges to the campaign. 
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  • I don't see any difference in entering Pledges than when I have entered before.  Maybe it is just reason 

    to respond...this is just my take.

  • Hey @Accounting. You should now see a difference when you create a new campaign, which will ask you to select default settings or options for all of the pledges you add under this campaign. You should not see any difference in pledges perse, it is in the setting up of the campaign. 

  • Can "Members" enter their own pledges? 

    I thought this might be available in each user's contribution section of their own profile but it doesn't look like it.  Do I maybe need to turn on a certain toggle in member permissions?

    I realize I could collect the data using a form, but that would still have be imported into Pledges, wouldn't it?



  • @churchadmin

    Great question here! Unfortunately, there is no functionality within breeze for people to be able to add their own pledges. This is a function that must be entered in individually by the admin who has access or permissions to contributions. Pledges can also be imported! Import Pledges 



  • How should a pledge campaign and funds be set up to track pre-paid pledges? For example, a donor pledges $1000 for next years annual pledge campaign (e.g. 2021). For tax purposes, they pay the 2021 pledge when they make their pledge in 2020. We would want their 2020 annual giving statement to show all 2020 donations, including their pre-paid 2021 pledge, and their 2021 statement to show that they completed their 2021 pledge.  

  • @brent

    This is a great question and something that our churches ask about frequently! Here's the article we've provided with the best way to approach this: Managing Pledges

    If you have detailed questions after this, I highly recommend giving us a call here at Breeze so that we can walk through it with you! 


  • @brent

    When you get to generating statements, you will need to modify your template to split up the individual pledges, as shown in the "Customizing Statements" FAQ. Note in the third example below how you can specify different campaign numbers, the detail in the FAQ explains how to find out the number to use for each of your campaigns.


    Pledges Summary

    A list of pledges that were active during any part of the selected date range.

    The amount given to the pledge will include all previous contributions matching that pledge from the end date, even if they extend before the start date, so that the amount given to the pledge will be accurate regardless of your starting date range.

    You can also specify what pledge information is displayed and which pledges will show up by adding specific text.

  • @churchadmin

    Thanks for joining the convo! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page, we're seeing more and more conversations popping up on there too for all things BREEZE!

    Breezy Blessings  

  • Can we create a form in Breeze to collect pledges?

  • @bookkeeper

    Great question here! At the moment, you can't automatically connect a form entry with a pledge. You can create a form to collect the basic criteria of information needed to set up a pledge and then set that up for them manually. 

    This would be an awesome Feature Request to share with our team! 

    Have a great day!

  • Hello from a relatively new Breeze user. I'll be starting my first pledge campaign soon. Is there a specific date for when you can create a new campaign?

  • @finance Welcome to Breeze! We hope you're having a great experience learning the product and are here to help! You can create a new pledge campaign any time, there is not a specific date for creating new pledge campaigns. Churches tend to create pledges with a 12 month date range- either January 1- December 31st or a fiscal year. I hope that helps! If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to the support team. We're available via email: or phone: 888-320-6030.

  • I would like to copy pledged amount from one campaign (2020) to another campaign (2021) - I can kind of figure it by downloading the import pledge template and downloading the 20201 pledges; however, I still will need to link the names with the Breeze ID (as the pledge export only shows a Pledge ID). Is this the correct method or is there a better method?

  • Hi @ricknahass,

    When I look at the pledge export coming from the previous campaign (ex. 2020), I see under column D there is "Person ID," which is technically the Breeze ID. I'm sure we worded it that way as to not confuse the Pledge ID with the Person ID. Beside the Person ID should be the first and last name (column E & F) which will then match up well with the rest of the import pledge template.

    I hope this helps!

  • Is there a way to add a goal within a campaign; we can see the amount raised but would like for it to show the overall goal. Thanks!

  • Hi @pclay! 

    Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to add a goal to the pledge campaign. I can see why that would be helpful though!  

    Feel free to submit this as a Feature Request. This is the best way for our Product Team to see the needs of our churches and how we can better serve them in the future.

    Best of luck on reaching your goal!

  • But it doesn't explain how to track the giving against a pledge campaign

  • @Karen Worley

    Thanks for the question.  When a pledge is created, it is given a date range and what fund(s) it includes. Any contributions (even if previously created) that match the date and fund for that person will be included in what was given to that pledge.

    Hope that helps!

  • I created a campaign for our yearly building fund. I would like to create a link to our website that allows people to give towards that campaign specifically. Is there a way to do that?


    Do I have to create a specific fund called Building Fund (like tithes, offering, etc.) for people to give to?

    If that is the case, is there a way to isolate the fund option if I were to create a building fund page on our website? When people click the building fund page on our website, I only want them to see the building fund option, not tithe or offering like we have our "regular" giving page. 

  • Thanks for writing in, @AdministrativeOffice!

    This process can certainly be done! This process will be centered around a specific fund and not the campaign, however. That fund will just need to be linked to the campaign. If you haven't already done so, just make sure you create a specific fund you wish people to give towards. This process will isolate the fund people can give towards. The steps for this option can be found in our article here:

    Follow the steps under the heading "Steps to Set Up a Separate Giving Page". There are a few tutorial videos and pictures to help you in your design.

    Hope this helps!

  • I know Brent asked the question about funds paid for an upcoming year and wanting it to show on their current year.  If you do those people individually for their pledge and change default giving dates won't it show both the current year and the upcoming year pledges?

  • Thanks for that clarifying question, @accounting!

    If you backdate their pledge to include the date their gift was given, it will only show up in the campaign the pledge was first entered into. To have one gift show up in two different campaigns, I would have to physically enter two different pledges by that person in both campaigns, and even then, Breeze would prevent you from doing this. The Breeze software will only allow that pre-pledged gift to show up in the campaign report where the pledge had been first been reported. Just make sure you enter the pledge in the correct campaign first!

    Hope this helps!

  • Is there a way to print labels/letters from a specific campaign? We're trying to send thank you's to all who've pledged for 2022. Exporting from the campaign doesn't currently include addresses. Am I missing a step? Thanks!

    Continued searching and found it under "export information about pledger".