Using a Form to Collect Pledge Data

Looking for a way for members/attendees to create their own pledges? While the system was ultimately designed for Admins to create pledges, churches can create a form to gather pledge data and/or pledge payment to set up pledges on the backend.

Option 1: Using Form to collect pledge data

Since there's no member portal for members to log in and create their own pledges, using a form is a great workaround.

If you create a Breeze form that matches exactly with the fields asked when entering a pledge, you're halfway there! Admins will still need to enter those pledges into Breeze. However, the form is a great way to gather the Pledge data beforehand. You can add the form to your website and/or email it to all members for easy input.

Pro Tip: We recommend having someone check these form entries before, and Admin enters them in the Pledges section. A member may not always have the full picture of what fund their pledges go to and even the time frame(s) required. For example, if there is a prepaid pledge, it requires some editing to make it right (in terms of start date).

If you'd like to quickly import your pledge submissions, use our Import Pledges template in Bulk Tasks. You'll want first to ensure your form submissions are connected to a profile, export your form submissions, then run a separate custom Excel export with names and Breeze IDs to get the right criteria for the import.

Option 2: Using a Form to allow pledge payment processing

Another option is to use a Form for pledge payments. Once the pledge is set up, you can create a form, set the form to collect payments, and set the payment to go into the pledge fund.  This will allow members to give towards their already set-up fund and count towards the fund.

Using a Form prevents donors from covering processing fees, which in this case, is a good thing because covering processing fees can cause giving discrepancies. 

Accepting Payments on Forms 
Editing Form Settings