Using a Form to Collect Pledge Data


Looking for a way for members/attenders to create their own pledges? While the system was ultimately designed for Admins to create pledges, churches do have the option of creating a form to gather pledge data and/or pledge payment in order to set-up pledges on the backend.


Option 1: Using Form to collect pledge data

Since there's not a member portal for members to log-in and create their own pledges, using a form is a great workaround.

If you create a Breeze form that matches exactly with the fields that are asked when entering a pledge, you're halfway there! Admins will still need to enter those pledges into Breeze, however the form is a great way to gather the Pledge data ahead of time. You can add the form to your website and/or email it out to all members for easy input.

Pro Tip: We recommend having someone check these form entries before and Admin enters them in the Pledges section. A member may not always have the full picture of what fund their pledges go to and even the time frame(s) required. For example if there is a prepaid pledge, it requires a little bit of editing to make it right (in terms of start-date).

If you'd like to quickly import your pledge submissions, you can use our Import Pledges template found in Bulk Tasks. You'll want to first ensure your form submissions are connected to a profile, export your form submissions, then run a separate custom Excel export with names and Breeze ID's to get the right criteria for the import.


Option 2: Using a Form to allow pledge payment processing

Another option is to use a Form for pledge payments. Once the pledge is set up, you can create a form, set the form to collect payments, and set the payment to go into the pledge fund.  This will allow members to give towards their already set-up fund and count towards the fund.

Using a Form prevents donors from covering processing fees, which in this case is a good thing because covering processing fees can cause giving discrepancies. 

Accepting Payments on Forms 
Editing Form Settings

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