Breeze Training Options

We at Breeze know how important it can be to learn all the helpful ministry tools that Breeze has to offer! Here are three helpful ideas to get you trained and on your way to becoming a Breeze Pro!

Just getting started, or need to know what to do before anything else? Check out our Getting Started Checklist to know what steps to take first! 

Breeze University

You can visit Breeze University for a series of both long and short formatted videos.  Our long videos are great for group training, and the short videos are great for reminders or quick questions.

Breeze Videos and Guides

  1. We've put together some really helpful, short videos on using Breeze! These can be really great for giving an overview of how Breeze functions! Here's a link to some of these helpful resources!
  2. We've also assembled some helpful Getting Started Guides:
  3. We have a Knowledge Center which contains all of our published articles on using the various ministry tools within Breeze as well:
  4. Finally, we have an awesome Breeze Community on Facebook - where churches that use Breeze share tips and tricks (and ask questions!) related to using Breeze. This incredible group can also be used for networking, community, sharing ideas, and even a great place to meet fellow Breeze family members! Simply navigate to

While we don't have any formal or in-person training process, this fully comprehensive online documentation database can be accessed 24/7 at (which also links to the Knowledge Base and Breeze Community above).

Breeze Champions

One of the things that many churches do is working with a handful of technology savvy people to really become "Breeze Champions" for your church. Once they're set up and comfortable using the system, they can act as a resource for other staff members/congregation members who might need further assistance than what we offer online.

Breeze Support/Phone Meetings

At Breeze, we are dedicated to supporting your ministry at every turn. Whether you have a question or need guidance, our team is ready to assist you.

Need to talk?

  1. Simply click the support widget in your Breeze account
  2. Mention that you'd like to request a call
  3. Click request a call, and provide your contact details.

Please let us know if there's anything further, we can assist you with!