Breeze Post Move-In Process: Important Details

Post-transition to Breeze, it's vital to fine-tune your database for optimal accuracy and organization. This summary highlights essential clean-up actions like refining "Legacy Fields," managing donations, pledges, tags, event tracking, notes, and envelope numbers. For ease of use, our video tutorials cover the basics from logging in to accessing support. For further personalized help, scheduling a session with a Breeze expert is recommended, ensuring your church fully benefits from Breeze's streamlined management capabilities.

Cleaning Up Data After Move In

Transitioning to new software is a significant task, and you've just been informed by the Breeze Move-In team that your transition is finished. So, what comes next? How do you navigate your new database, verify the accuracy of your data, and organize your information effectively? The success of Breeze hinges on the precision of its data, making it crucial to tidy up your database following the move.

This article guides you through your initial steps to ensure a seamless start with Breeze:

Next Steps

Legacy Fields: You'll notice a section on the profiles titled "Legacy Fields". This refers to data stored in the previous system that you may or may not want to keep. If you want to rename, re-organize, or delete these fields, you can do so within the Profile Fields section.

Giving: From the Giving section, you can run reports, generate giving statements, and enter future giving. You can also enable Online Giving in this section.

Pledges: You can find all the Pledge information under Giving > Pledges. From the Pledges section, you can set up Campaigns allowing you to track donations for a specific fundraiser or goal.

Tags: We created Tags for the groups in your previous system.

Event Attendance: Attendance for all your events has been imported to Breeze under the Events section. To view attendance numbers for an event, click on the event in the calendar, then click "View Details". Breeze allows you to track individual attendance.

Notes: If there were Notes in your previous system, we moved them to the Notes section of their profile.

Envelope Numbers: If you had Envelope Numbers, we moved them into two areas - the individual's profile and the Envelopes feature in the Giving section. Just so you know, these sections are not connected, and any updates will need to be made to both areas.

Duplicate People Profiles: If multiple profiles have been created for a single individual, you can merge them with the Merge People tool in the Bulk Tasks section.

Getting Started

Navigating new software like Breeze can be overwhelming. Our video series simplifies this by teaching you to log in, update settings, change your password, and find help, ensuring a smooth start and effective use of Breeze's features:

Connect With a Breeze Expert

If you have any questions or need assistance as you navigate Breeze, our team is here to help every step of the way! Feel free to connect with our knowledgeable Breeze experts through the support widget inside Breeze. We're eager to discuss how Breeze can best serve your church's needs and provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific requirements.

If there's anything we can help with, don't hesitate to reach out to our team or check out our Breeze University courses.

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