Organizing Your Church's Data in Breeze

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    Debbie Wasley

    I need to delete information fields under people. When I go to more, profile fields, they are not listed but when I click on the people there are items that we do not need.

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    Hey Debbie, I just followed up with you via email.  Check your inbox for a response from me and we'd be happy to assist you with this! 

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    I need to delete almost 100 old tags that were transferred from our old church software.  I have tried deleting one at a time and it takes about 30 seconds to do just one.  Is there a faster way to do this in bulk?

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    Micah M.

    Hey @Office! If you recently joined Breeze and we performed a complimentary export and import of your data, we would love to correct that for you! Simply email our support team at and we'll take care of you!
    Otherwise deleting Tags one at a time is the only method to delete them within Breeze. You may want to check your current internet speed as well, as a faster speed might expedite the process!

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    I need to uncheck  "inactive" from an individual's member information. Please let me know how to do that. Thank you.

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    Emily W.

    Hey @janetfredrickson!

    This should be what you need to edit information within a Profile: Editing a Profile

    Happy Breezing! 

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