Getting Started Checklist

When getting started, some may find it helpful to have a checklist to reference in getting set up. While there's no strict order, below is our recommended checklist for getting up and running.

  1. Add or Import your Data

    The first step to getting started is to add your data in, specifically people information (and many churches import contribution information as well).

    We do offer a free import service to import your data from an alternate source (like an Excel file or an alternate church management system). If you'd like to take advantage of this, fill out this form. We highly recommend you utilize our free service to get started quickly usually within a week.

    Alternatively you can import your data yourself or manually add it in through Breeze.

    Want some directions on how to export your data from your previous database?  Head over to our Import Page and find the database you're looking for to get some detailed instructions on exporting. 

    Make sure you check out the article Cleaning Up Data after Move In to ensure that you get everything cleaned up in your new database! 

  2. Give Your Team Access

    Give your team access by creating user accounts for each user who should have access to Breeze. You can also set their permissions so that they only have access to what you'd like them to see. A video overview of users and roles is also available.

    You can also let your team know that they can download the Breeze App on their iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android device.

  3. Set Up Tags and Events

    While there's a number of areas you could dig into at this point, tags and events are features many churches find very helpful and may be worth setting up next. Tags allow you to group people together into helpful groups (e.g. Bill's small group, staff, deacons, etc). Events allow you to view schedules and take attendance for different events.

  4. Enable Online Giving

If you'd like to allow donors to give to your church online, enabling online giving would be a great next step. Here's a quick video overview on how to set up online giving



You're Live!

Congratulations! You're up and running. There's a lot more you can do such as follow ups, forms, or allowing members to access Breeze. At this point you're free to dive into any of the features you'd like. Enjoy!

Want some further steps? Check out our Training Options to figure out which videos or articles will be most helpful to take in your next steps.