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    I want to add names to a committee and on my screen it does not show add person as the article shows.  Beth Eppley

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    Hey Beth - It's possible that you do not have permissions to Add People.  You would need to ask an administrator at your church to either give you permission or to add a person for you.  If you need further assistance on this please Contact our Support Team.  Thanks! 

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    I've just been put in charge of adding out members into Breeze. Do I get started with Adding a Person and then all their info?

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    Emily W.

    Hi tmvkemp!

    Yes, that is the first step! Simply:

    1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
    2. Click the "Add Person" button from the right.
    3. On the left, select the fields you wish to add. 1
    4. Fill in the fields and click the "Add Person" button to create the profile.

    You can also import people:

    Importing people allows you to add many people into Breeze all at once.

    When ready to import people:

    1. Navigate to "More > Tasks > Import People."
    2. Download the template file and populate it with your people data.
    3. Import the revised file using the "Import People" button. 

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