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    Shelly Spencer

    This has worked well for me except for when sending out year end giving letters (tax-deductible receipts) or any other letters involving a group because of the missing first name (when then says Dear    , ). I suppose there may be a way to insert an IF [first name is blank] then insert [Friends, or Supporters, or whatever else is desired]. But I'd need instructions or a link to a separate post about how to do that. Thanks! 

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    Emily W.

    Hi Info!


    Great question! Look for an email from Support! One is coming your way with the instructions for this! :) 

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    Could you also send us that same email? We would like those same instructions. Thanks!

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    Can you please send us the same email with those instructions as well.  Thank you!

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    Emily W.

    Hi there Pastor and Christina, 

    Best practice for adding a business and then sending a year-end statement is to: 

    Use the "Name" merge... that should bring in both first name and last name, so it will work for businesses. You could also make a special template just for business and filter for them when you send out the statements. I have included three great articles with steps on these below:

    Here are 3 resources for making great year-end financial statements and letters from Breeze:

    1. Creating Great End of Year Church Giving Statements
    2. 8 Tips for Creating Great End of Year Tax Statements in Breeze
    3. Breeze Docs Reference Guide: Contributions Statements
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    Shelly Spencer

    The great thing about commenting in these articles is that I got some great tips emailed directly to me! I saw these and realized I either need to leave out the "Dear..." part of the letter or create a seperate one for buisnesses. So my next question was how to narrow a list to just businesses, which in our database don't always have a membership status. And I got these additional tips which are handy to refer to.

    Based on Profile Fields. The membership status field can be left blank, or you can add a custom option in the Profile Fields section for a "Business" status.While there isn't a full tutorial on this, outside of the Help Center articles that we have available, here is a short video showing how these fields could be set up:

    If you're looking to add custom Profile Fields or add different options to specific Fields, you can learn more about how to do that here:
    Types of Profile Fields
    Adding or Changing Profile Fields

    Based on Membership Status. As for finding everyone that doesn't have a membership status, you could do an advanced search by going to:

    People > Show More Filter Options (left side of screen) > Membership Status > Unassigned

    You can then narrow down the results by going to the bottom of the filter list under "Other" and use the "Added Date", setting it to "relative", to find the individuals that were missed when they visited within a certain period of time. (You could also use the other options for that filter, "relative" is what I would recommend if they were recently added.

    For more information on advanced searches be sure to check out the following Help Center article:
    Searching People



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    Shelly Spencer

    One more thing!   

    I discovered that under Contributions>Reports, you can select "People" as a criteria, and then in the drop down, set a filter. (Similar to the People search.) From there a letter (a 'statement') can be generated with the drop down arrow next to "Download as Excel."  (see screenshot below; in this one I narrowed the people search to Anonymous)

    Hope that's helpful! Not seeing a way to use an "IF...then" command in the Merge like I've used in Word. I guess if it's really desired to run the whole thing in one batch of letters instead of two, the entire batch of data could be exported and worked with in that way. 

    - info @ Butler Church (aka Shelly!)

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