Why Breeze is Unable to Map Certain Addresses


Occasionally Breeze is unable to map specific addresses on a person's profile. In these cases, the message of "Sorry, we are unable to map this address" is displayed below the address, instead of a map. 


This message is displayed when our third-party mapping service is unable to map the provided address with a high level of confidence. Our third-party mapping service provides this accuracy rating to us on the backend when it is provided with an address on a person's profile.

If the mapping service is unable to find an exact match (Example: Drive instead of Dr.), it will try to find something close (similar street name, city name, etc). This can result in very inaccurate results. For this reason, Breeze will only display a map when the third-party mapping service can provide a result with an accuracy rating of 90% or higher.

After adding addresses, it takes about 24 hours to register the new locations.
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  • Hey team. I agree with the logic i.e. 80% accuracy, but it seems that it's 100% broken for us? Perhaps it's to do with the fact we are based in Australia? Was working fine, but not so much now (months now... thought it would go away)! Would appreciate your help!

  • Hey @admin!

    We would love to take a look at this further! To best serve you, would you be so kind to reach out to our team via email with some more information, such as a few addresses and account information? In the meantime, a few things to check in the address field and account settings are the following:

    • Requires valid latitude / longitude (i.e. won't map PO Boxes).
    • It would require that the country setting for the account matches the country that it is attempting to map in.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon, so that we can troubleshoot this with you! 

    Happy Breezing! 

  • I can understand the concept, but when I click the link and it takes me to google maps, it comes up with no problem.

  • Hey @jeff,

    I totally understand where you are coming from! When you click on the link, the address will open in whatever your internet browser's natural mapping service is, which is often Google Maps. However, the mapping function within Breeze is not provided by Google Maps and the third-party service that we do use is unable to accurately map that address. We apologize for the inconvenience as this does not mean that the address does not exist, but that we were unable to provide an accurate match.


  • Hi,

    I just opened our account and noticed that the map doesn't work with the uploaded addresses yet when I click edit individually and save (without making any changes), the map appears. Any way to execute that process without clicking on each address one at a time?



  • Hey @alextopak,

    That's a great question!  I'm going to follow up with you by email so we can troubleshoot this further.


  • Will Breeze still generate a mailing label for addresses that are not able to be mapped?


  • @youth

    Great question! Yes, the address will still be produced. 


  • We used to be able to see a map with all our tagged addresses but not only one or two addresses appears on the map. Have you changed providers? If so, it's not working very well. Less than 10% of all addresses are mapping for us now when it used to be more than 90%.

  • Hi @rachelmrmaxwell!

    I am so sorry that you are experiencing this issue. We'd love to assist further to pinpoint what is happening. Would you be so kind to email our support team with this information and we can dig deeper into the account for you.


  • Is there a way we can help this service be more accurate, or place them on the map ourselves?  One of the reasons we purchased Breeze was to do neighborhood mapping, and the map can't include people that live on a main street in our town, blocks from the church, when it can the next street over.

  • @pastor

    Great question! One of our suggestions is to always make sure that nothing is abbreviated so that the service does not get confused while trying to identify the location. This usually is the primary difference between something reading and something not reading. Also remember that PO boxes will not be translated through this service as well. Breeze will only display a map when the third-party mapping service can provide a result with an accuracy rating of 90% or higher.


  • Thanks for this. Another tip is to make sure the address includes street, or drive, or avenue. Some of the ones that didn't map just needed that information added.

  • I'm struggling with this concept. I have no idea who the third-part mapping partner is, but the expectation has been set by the numerous free mapping services available to consumers that normal abbreviations (dr, ave, blvd, SE, SW, etc.) will be handled seamlessly. I have some addresses which do get mapped, but also many addresses with no abbreviations that still are not found my the mapping service.

  • @jahays

    We certainly understand this isn't super "Breezy" but Breeze will only display a map when the third-party mapping service can provide a result with an accuracy rating of 90% or higher.

    This is highly dependent on region and the platform's accuracy to locate the address. Make sure there's no spaces, abbreviations or misspellings contributing to this error as well!

  • I am also seeing less-than-stellar accuracy.  The map appears to be missing 24 of the 61 families in our church. 

    The click link on the address takes us directly to an accurate Google map, but the 3rd party mapping is not pulling the data.

    I saw someone else had asked the question, but I did not see the response ... is there a way for us to manually add members to the map so I can see them? 


  • Hey Heath,

    Sorry to hear that the mapping feature hasn't been too helpful for you. I recognize how frustrating that must be. Unfortunately, at this time there isn't a way to add people manually to a map in Breeze.

    It does sound like a great idea for a feature request though! You can submit that here: Submitting Feature Requests. Our Product Team uses these requests to see how we can improve Breeze in the future! I hope this helps!

  • Why international addresses can not be entered? Or maybe there is a way to do it?

  • @iwona

    Thanks for reaching out to us concerning your questions about international addresses! Breeze does allow this formatting depending on what country your platform is set to. If you're in the U.S., then the address boxes are set to the U.S.  -- We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience here! 

    Creating a Text box field will allow you to be able to enter an Internation address for reference, however, it wouldn't be able to be Mapped. See our article on Using Breeze Outside of the US: https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005401434 


    We hope this proves to be helpful! 

  • May I suggest that you provided the requirements on how to properly where an address do that it had a higher likelihood for being mapped? For example, 123-456 Any Street vs 456,123 Any St; should provinces or states and street suffixes be listed in full or are abbreviations accepted?

  • Hey @info!

    Great suggestion! I will work with the team here to see if we can get any additional information from the mapping services as depends on them. We have found that if the addresses uses suffixes that the suffix should be used inside of Breeze. The more accurate the address is typed in the better the mapping service can locate and map the address. However, if listed in full, the mapping service will find something similar which is usually the suffix. 

    I realize this may not be the most ideal answer but I do hope the information is helpful.


  • Hi team. I'd like to correct the addresses that aren't mapped using the link underneath the map, but when I click on "Some addresses were unable to be mapped. Click here to see which ones.", it times out. It seems to be pointing to https://subdomain.breezechms.com/people/filter#, which just takes me back to the People tab. Can you confirm if this is an incomplete feature, or a problem only our subdomain is experiencing. Further, is there a manual work around to find which addresses are not mapped, perhaps using the advanced filters?
    Thank you for all you do!
    God bless your works

  • Hi there @admin!

    I'd be happy to work with you personally to see what might be going on here. Be on the lookout for an email from me here shortly, and we can dig into this together. :) 

  • I have two addresses -- a) postal address (POBox) and b) physical residence address.  Apparently this form maps better if a residence address -- approximate or exact -- is used.

    [ I have tried to express _concisely_ what the issue is.  IMO, the article as written, however interesting, is not concise. ]

  • Hello @tzuschlag,

    Thanks for commenting on this article here! From my understanding it sounds like what you are saying that physical address are able to be mapped better than PO boxes. I do believe you are correct here and that has been my experience as well! I know that can be a bit disappointing when wanting to have the PO box address mapped instead. 

    Many have mentioned their desire to see the mapping feature improved and I can definitely see how it could use some work! I know the product team loves to hear this type of feedback and you can submit a feature request here if you would like.

    I do know that our team loves feedback and will appreciate it greatly!