Why Breeze is Unable to Map Certain Addresses

Occasionally Breeze is unable to map specific addresses on a person's profile. In these cases, the message of "Sorry, we are unable to map this address" is displayed below the address in a profile, instead of a map. 

This message is displayed when our third-party mapping service is unable to map the provided address with a high level of confidence. Our third-party mapping service provides this accuracy rating to us on the backend when it is provided with an address on a person's profile.

If the mapping service is unable to find an exact match (Example: Drive instead of Dr.), it will try to find something close (similar street name, city name, etc). This can result in very inaccurate results. For this reason, Breeze will only display a map when the third-party mapping service can provide a result with an accuracy rating of 90% or higher.

Sometimes, opening the address in the profile and resaving it can help the map appear.

Nuances to the Map Address Feature in Profiles

There are some nuances to this function that are important to know:

  • Latitude / Longitude for Bulk Imports aren't calculated right away. They're queued and we calculate it over the course of 24-48 hours.
  • In the case where you save an individual profile, Breeze will calculate latitude / longitude immediately. Sometimes resaving the address in a profile will produce a map. 
  • Requires valid latitude / longitude (i.e. won't map PO Boxes).
  • It would require that the country setting for the account matches the country that it is attempting to map in.
    • This wouldn't apply to a North American accounts (US, Canada, Mexico) as they have all of the other states / provinces for those countries loaded.
  • Geocod.io (mapping provider) will only look for the first two names in a city name to map.
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