Editing a Profile

This allows you to edit the information of an individual. If you're interested in bulk updating many people at once, have a look at the Bulk Update People section.

  1. Navigate to the person you wish to edit.
  2. Click the gray header over the section you wish to edit.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click the blue "Save" button on the gray header to complete your changes.2019-12-18_10-40-34__1_.gif 


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  • When I tried to edit my family info, Breeze doesn't allow me to edit.  In all the other areas when I hit edit, it gives me a drop down options to add the info, but not for the category of family.  Please tell me what I'm doing incorrectly or fix the problem. Thank you.

    Elizabeth Sutton

  • In regrards to my above question, thanks for responding so quickly.  None of your suggestions were helpful.  In error I clicked on 'yes, close my request' but it was not the correct answer.  I am still not able to edit my family section and need further assistance.

    Thank you,


  • Hey @elizabeth!

    Reaching out via Email support so that we can best serve you!


  • Well, I wasn't even aware to begin with that I was added to an external email list. I just "assumed" I was on a local list with my local church. So imagine my surprise when i requested removal from the email list to find out it was actually a contract list and I would have to get permission from whoever originally placed me on the list to begin with.


    Or.... I can go to an edit list, search for my name if I can find the correct list to search in and try to figure out how to manipulate someone else's spreadsheet to remove my name from the list. I've never had a need for spreadsheets in my professional career nor in my private life so I'm not very good at all manipulating them. Methinks I'll no longer volunteer for very much at the place I originally volunteered which provided the impetus to have my name placed on this list.


    Tis way too much trouble to disengage once I have a need to.


    Respectfully but frustrated,


    Steve Hutcherson

    member of Salty Church Ormond Beach

  • I accidently marked a newly added member as removed. I am unable to remove the selected reason. How can I erase that error???

  • How do I remove any selection in the "Reason for Removal" section, since the individual has just joined the church?  It was selected inadvertently and now will not be removed.

  • @pdunlap this sounds like a unique profile field that your organization has created. If this is a Multiple Choice field, I would recommend following the steps in this article to uncheck/remove the selection that has been made: https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044130313-Unchecking-A-Multiple-Choice-Selection 

    Hope this helps!

  • A member's name is misspelled. I can't see how to edit their first name? Thanks!

  • @bookkeeper

    If you have the permissions set to edit users, you can do this pretty easily.  Just go into the profile that you need to change.  Then, hover over the blue bar that says "Main".  When you do that, you'll see a message appear that says "click to edit section".  Click that.   Then, you'll see the name box and will be able to edit it.  Once the changes are made, make sure to click "Save".