How to Allow your Members to Create their Own Family's Profiles


Some Breeze users may want to allow their members to have access to Breeze with the ability for them to create their own family's profiles if desired (ex. children, spouses, etc.). To avoid giving them the permission "Add Person" and "Edit Person," you can create a custom profile field that has a form address right below their family data when viewing their profile.

For additional help here, see our article Allowing Members to Have an Account in Breeze.

Step 1: Create a new "Text" field under the "Family" section in Profile Fields


Check their Member permissions in Roles to make sure they have access to see this new profile field. "My Profile > View > Add a New Family Member."

For additional help here, see our article Customizing Profile Fields. 

Step 2: Create a New Form

You might find some of these fields helpful below when creating your form. You'll later use this form entry to connect the information to a new profile. Our resource, Creating a Form should give you further instruction here:



Step 3: Edit the Form Settings

To confirm with them that you have received their submission, you can add a notice on the Confirmation Page and the Confirmation Email to note that a profile won't be instantly created and that an admin will need to associate the form entry with a new profile and will then add this member to your family.


Step 4: Copy the Form Address and Paste it into your New Profile Field

This will allow your members to view the form link when they log in and go to "My Profile." 

For additional help in finding your form address, see our article Sharing a Form. 


This is how it should look after you have Updated Multiple People at Once:



Step 5: Start Connecting Form Entries with New Profiles 

See our article, Connecting a Form With a Person for an in-depth look at the tools Breeze offers to use form entries to create new profiles.

Step 6: Add New Profiles to the Existing Family

See our article, Using Family Roles to add this new profile into the existing family.


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