Best Practice for Tags

Tags and Tag Folders can be used in any combination to organize groups within your church. That said, if you use a structure similar to the following, you will likely find it easier to organize your data. This example assumes that some ministries in your church are small group based while others are not. This example is provided not to copy directly but rather to give direction for how you might organize your own tags based on the programs you offer.


Creating Tag Folders

To create a Tag Folder, first go to the Tags page. 

Click the down arrow next to "New Tag" and select "New Folder"

You can create new tag folders within already existing folders, or you can drag and drop your tags or tag folders after they have been created. 2019-12-11_10-40-28__1_.gif


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  • Are tags and folders arranged alphabetically by default? Is it possible at all to arrange your tags or folders in the display order you would like?

  • @ricky Great question. Yes. The way it is sorted is in the following order. Folders first, they will be listed numerically then alphabetically. Then tags, again numerical then alphabetical. So that means you can ideally get them to be listed the way you desire by simply adding numerical digits in their name. For example: 1. K Groups, 2. A Groups, 3. Youth Groups etc. 

  • We created a form for people to register for church camp. We would like to create a tag based off of those registrations. Is that doable? 

  • Hey @ssmithcanopy!

    I believe this is what you are looking for: Auto-Tagging Form Respondents


    Happy Breezing! 

  • We use tags for all our volunteer crews. Can I choose people for each weeks crews to send crew reminders to? Example: Our chair crew is 56 people, but we only have 6 people on per Sunday.

  • Hey @tea4mellie!

    Thank you for reaching out! Happy to help. Please forgive me if this doesn't answer your question, I do believe this is what you are looking for. 

    You can open up the the day of the event that you have volunteers and send to just that group either by clicking the mail icon next to their name or the send now tab in the right corner.


    Volunteer Notifications


    If you are pulling up the Tag, you will have to go down the list individually and select which 6 people you wish to email by navigating to the People Tab<Show More Filter options (on the left) <Scroll to the bottom Tags Contain<Choose Tag<Choose the individuals from the list that need an email<Use action panel on right<Email


    If this doesn't fully answer your question, please reach out to our Support team via email or phone and we'd be happy to help! We are here and ready to serve!


  • I have created a Tag name for a group in my church, "Sacred Spaces".  I am not in this group though.

    I was asked to send out an email to this group.  When I get ready to send the email to this tag, my email address is listed at the bottom.

    I am not the one to get the replies or questions from this email I have sent out.

    Is there a way to have the chairmans email address shown whenever this tag is open and an email is going to be sent out to the group?

  • @carolebishop723

    Great question! What you were seeing here is expected behavior. Since you're the one composing the email, Breeze is assuming that the email should be coming from you. In the event that you would like it to come from someone else, you have the ability to change that by clicking the change button at the bottom of that window. You'll then be prompted to enter that person's name and email address for sending. (Be sure to do this FIRST before composing your email! - If you wait until the end, you will lose your email message when you switch it over.)



  • If we use tags to identify the various church ministries as in the example on this page, how do we identify just the leaders of each ministry (versus the participants)?

  • @Chris

    Great question! The suggestion for identifying the Leaders of Tags in Breeze would be to include their name in the actual Title for the Tag. This is currently the best way to identify who the leader of the Tag is!

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do to serve you. 

  • Is it best practice to create a tag for members, or to just use the profile field? In general, is there good reason to create tags that are duplicates of profile fields, or is it better not to?

  • Hey @sgilbertson!

    This is a great question! I would love to help. Truly, it is up to you whether you want to use tags or profile fields. We don't have a specific best practice on when to use profile fields versus tags, but for "Members" specifically, I have both a profile field and a tag to help keep things super organized! :)

    Profile fields are used to store information on individual profiles and can be used for advanced searches from the People section, whereas tags are primarily used for group management and act as an organizational tool for your Breeze database. Perhaps, the biggest thing that will impact your decision is the search logic between the two. Profile Fields use the search logic of "AND" (i.e. if you wanted to see all of the men at your church who were members and married), while tags use the search logic of "OR" (i.e. a search requesting to see anyone who is in the Bacon Study Group OR John's Group OR Mom's Group). There is not a specific reason why you would want to create tags that are duplicates of the profile fields unless you feel like the search logic of the tags would be beneficial to you. :)

    Here are some great articles about this:

    Filtering: Profile Fields vs. Tags

    Organizing Your Church's Data in Breeze

    I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!