Moving Tags Into Different Folders

Learn how to organize your church's tags effectively with Breeze ChMS. This article provides simple instructions for moving tags into different folders, improving data organization and accessibility. Discover how to streamline your tagging system for better management and communication. Simplify your workflow and enhance user experience with this step-by-step guide tailored to churches, donors, and admins. Empower your ministry's data management efforts and maximize the benefits of Breeze's tagging feature.

To move tags into folders or move tag folders into different folders (creating subfolders):

  1. Select the "Tags" tab from the top right.
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the tag or folder you wish to move.
  3. Click and drag the tag or folder name to the folder where you'd like to move it and release the mouse to drop it in.


Note: The permission to move tags falls within the permission to Create/Delete Tags.