Can I Duplicate Tags?

At Breeze, we strive to accommodate the diverse needs of ministries using our platform. A common inquiry we receive is about the possibility of duplicating tags within Breeze to streamline organizational processes.

Current Capabilities and Workarounds

As of now, Breeze does not offer a direct feature to duplicate tags. However, we acknowledge the importance of this functionality. Below is a quick workaround: 

  1. Select Tags.
  2. Create a new Tag.
  3. Name your new Tag.
  4. Save your Tag. 
  5. Once your new tag is created select the original tag you wish to duplicate. 
  6. Select More Actions on the right. 
  7. Select Assign to Tags
  8. Locate and check your newly created Tag. 
  9. Select Assign.

Your Input Matters

We are immensely grateful for your suggestions and understand how a direct tag duplication feature could enhance your ministry's operations. We encourage you to share your ideas with us through our Feature Request form.

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