How to Use Tag Folders

Unlock the full potential of tag folders with Breeze ChMS. This article offers a clear, step-by-step guide tailored to churches, donors, and admins. Dive into the benefits of organizing tags into folders for streamlined data management. Discover how to create, edit, and utilize tag folders efficiently, enhancing organization and accessibility. Simplify your workflow and improve user satisfaction with this comprehensive resource. Elevate your church's data organization and optimize your ministry's impact with tag folders in Breeze.

Creating Tag Folders

  1. First, go to the Tags page.
  2. Click the down arrow next to "New Tag" and select "New Folder"

You can create new tag folders within already existing folders, or you can drag and drop your tags or tag folders after they have been created. 2019-12-11_10-40-28__1_.gif


 Moving Tags into Different Folders

To move tags into folders or move tag folders into different folders (creating subfolders):

  1. Select the "Tags" tab from the top right.
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the tag or folder you wish to move.
  3. Click and drag the tag or folder name to the folder where you'd like to move it and release the mouse to drop it in.


Note: The permission to move tags falls within the permission to Create/Delete Tags. 


 Deleting Tag Folders

Deleting tag folders works in the same fashion.  This will allow you to delete a folder as well as any tags within the folder. 

  1. Select the "Tags" tab from the top right.
  2. Navigate to the folder that you'd like to delete.
  3. Hover over the tag folder you wish to delete. On the right, an (x) icon will appear. Click on that icon and then select the delete button.


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