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Online Giving Overview and FAQs


In short, Breeze Online Giving allows you to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfer donations from anyone over the web or by text. Simply turn on online giving, and we'll create a giving page for you! You can link to it from your website, embed it within your site, send it to others by email, or share it on social media!

Donations that come in through Breeze online and text giving automatically show up within your Contributions section. We'll even match the donation with the donor. Having everything in one system makes reconciliation easy too, allowing you the ability to see exactly what donations make up a given bank deposit. Help Your Church use Online Giving through Breeze and spread the word!

Of course, you probably have a few questions. Well, here are some answers and resources for the most common questions we typically hear people asking:

Our integrated online option is currently only available for churches in the United States & Canada. For online giving options for other countries, please see our third party integrations.


Questions About Getting Started

How do I begin?

  • You can get started with Breeze Online Giving by navigating to the Online Giving tab in your Contributions section.
  • Take a look at this article for a step by step breakdown of how to complete the setup through our payment processor Stripe: Online Giving Setup


If I already have a Stripe account, can I connect it through Breeze's Online Giving?

  • While you cannot connect directly from your Stripe Account to the Breeze Online Giving section, you can connect your Stripe account to our Third-Party Online Giving page in Breeze! This will record the information of the gift in Breeze, but all deposit information, handling refunds, and reconciliation would be found in your personal Stripe dashboard.
  • For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the following Help Center article:
    Online Giving Options Outside of Breeze


Do we have to pay extra for Online Giving?

  • We love simple pricing and so there are no additional monthly fee for using online giving; rather you simply pay transaction fees (a small percentage of each donation) listed here
  • If you would like to allow your donors to cover processing fees for web giving, you can now enable this feature within the settings of your Breeze Giving page. This new feature not only introduces the idea of processing fees to your donor, but also allows them to take action and help offset this cost for the church if they so choose. For more information check out our resource Understanding Donor-Covered Fees (Beta)

For a quick reference, the Online Giving fees are 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for Credit/Debit Card payments or 1% + $0.25/transaction for ACH payments.  Additional details are listed in the link above. 

These rates only apply to U.S. Online Giving.  For giving information outside of the U.S. view Using Breeze Outside of the US


What methods can our donors use to give?

  • There are two ways to give: Give by Website and Text to Give
  • Giving through our free Breeze app also routes to the "Give by Website" option as well!
  • Based on the unique settings you select, donors can have the option to give by Credit/Debit Card and/or ACH Bank Transfer (Available only in the US).


What credit cards are accepted?

  • Breeze Online Giving accepts all major Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX) in the United States.


Questions about Donor's Giving

Can we pick and choose which funds they can donate to via Online Giving?

  • Yes! When you click the "Settings" button in the "Web Giving Box" in the center-left of the Online Giving Page, you'll see where you can check the boxes of funds you would like to make available for where people can donate to.  
  • Additionally, you can change the default fund to the fund of your choice as well. For more information visit: Customizing Your Online Giving Page



Is there a maximum amount that can be donated online?

  •  Breeze does not have a maximum donation limit, however your personal bank may have a cap.


How do we change a recurring gift?

  • Recurring gifts can be modified by an administrator or a giver with a user login to your Breeze account.
  • View this article to learn how to view and modify recurring contributions: View and Modify Recurring Donations


Questions about Failed Donations

If an Online Gift doesn't go through, will it retry?

  • CREDIT/DEBIT- Through our payment processor, we use Smart Retries to process card gifts. Smart Retries is a tool that calculates when a card is most likely to successfully process instead of retrying it on a set schedule.  Using this method, a card will be charged up to 4 times in a 28-day period, after which the recurring gift will be canceled.
  • ACH- If the first attempt fails, then your church is charged a $1 "returned check fee" and the recurring gift is cancelled. An attempt will not be made again.


Will I be notified if an Online Gift fails?

  • The giver and the primary user will both receive notification emails each time a recurring payment retries/fails.


Questions about Transferring the Money to your Bank Account

When will the donations reach my church's bank account?

  • Once a payment has reached Breeze's Online Giving, then automatic transfers occur once per week on a day of your choosing.  
  • Donations can take 2 business days to clear and reach Breeze's Online Giving for Credit/Debit Payments and 6 to 7 business days for ACH Payments to clear.
  •  For additional assistance with timing, please view our article on Transferring Online Giving to the Church.


How can I see a breakdown of Online Giving, including Gross, Fees, and Net amounts?

  • From the Online Giving page, click the "Transfers" tab in the bottom of the screen. From there you'll be able to filter and see a breakdown of each transfer, the overall Gross, Fees, and Net amounts.  
  • You can click on any of the descriptions to see a further breakdown of each transfer.  To see more, visit Reconciling Online Giving
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  • Is there a way to charge the fee to the giver? For example, if we use this feature to pay for a retreat the payment should include a service fee for processing. How can I set that up on the form?

  • Hey @sandranoble582!

    Breeze does not have the option to have the donor cover the fees. We advise churches to add text to the top of the online giving page letting donors know about the fees and asking them to consider giving a small percentage more than their intended amount to help cover those fees.

  • A member has accidentally set up automatic withdraw via Breeze. How can she change this?

  • Hi @lawdupree!

    Great question!

    To modify a recurring donation from the admin side:

    1. Navigate to "More > Contributions > Online Giving."
    2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the number of recurring donations that are currently set up.
    3. Click the number or "Manage" under "Recurring Gifts" to view the list of recurring gifts.
    4. Find the donation you'd like to modify and click the amount.
    5. Click "Change" next to the section you'd like to modify and make your desired changes.

    To modify a recurring donation from the user's end:

    1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" > "Recurring Gifts" (on the left)
    2. Click "change" next to the recurring gift you wish to update
    3. Click "Show More Options"
    4. Click "Change" next to the section you'd like to modify and make your desired changes.

    Here are two great resources that will also be most helpful:

    Setting Up and Managing Giving Accounts

    View and Modify Recurring Donations

    Happy Breezing! 


  • Hello,

    I am in the process of setting up our online giving. I understand that Stripe needs to verify the person on the account, but I am hoping for a little more clarification. Will they be verifying the name of the person on the church bank account? Is there any other helpful information to know before scheduling a verification phone call?


  • Hey @admin!

    Great question! It doesn't have to be the person on the church bank account, but it does have to be a representative of the church. It's just a short 5 minute phone call to verify the church but no information will be needed at the time of the initial call.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via phone or email. We are here and happy to serve.


  • Is there an option to give through your mobile app? If not, definitely should be included.

  • Hi @Gizellemarr! Great question! It is absolutely possible to give through our mobile app as well. Technically, the app will route you to the online giving page through a web browser on your mobile device but it works the same way! I'll be sure to update this article to be more clear here as well! Thanks again and happy Breezing!

  • How do you access that option on the mobile app? I am an iPhone user.

  • @Gizellemarr

    In order for you to give online through the app you must have Permissions to do so.

    Here is a screen shot of the permissions area where this would be assigned. If you are not an Admin, you would need to simply suggest that your admin make these changes for you! This will give you access to a "Give" button within your app.


    If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

  • Ok that is already something that is checked off and running, but how do you access that through the mobile app?

  • @Gizellemarr

    Hello again! The "Give" option will be there once you have your Permissions set properly and when your User has been connected to your Profile page. Take a look here: 

    Prayerfully, this was the solution that you were looking for!

  • Hi, Is there a way to have the email notification of online payment to be customized by the fund in question?

    We have a fundraiser event that we would like the transactions notifications to go to person A, but want notifications payments for a specific class, to go to person b, etc.  

    I apologize if it is there and obvious, I did not quite notice being able to drill down that far. 

    Thanks much


  • @clara

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to the Breeze community!

    This is a fantastic question, however, this is not functionality available within Breeze. You can customize who the email notifications are going to, but The permissions are not granular enough to filter out certain funds. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

  • Has Breeze considered allowing the fees to be passed on to the giver?  I know that donors would be happy to pay the extra amount if they were told up front what that would be.  I know that we can put some wording on the site so they know, but if there were a way to do that as they were giving, i think it would save us a lot of money as the church.  I especially find that this would be good for events that we charge for.  

  • @angela

    Great question! And yes, this is something that is currently on our radar. It's hard to say whether or not it will actually happen, however, we are considering this as a potential update for our customers in the future! Feel free to add your voice to the others who have said the same thing by Submitting a Feature Request: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Our Fellowship is considering moving to Breeze for online giving.

    A question - we have a service auction each year and would love to accept credit card payments from the auction winners. Is there a card reader we could use to swipe cards rather than having to type in credit card numbers? Thanks!

  • @mmcmullen

    Currently, there is no card reader that is associated with Breeze for Card Payment as Breeze is not a POS platform. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. 


  • We are new to Breeze. A card reader is really important to our church. We have an annual auction, an annual craft show and cookie sale, and we sell fair-trade products every week to support organic farmers. Plus we have other fundraisers where people are likely to pull out a credit card. This is how people pay for things now...  people don't carry cash or checks anymore. Before we switch to Breeze for our online giving, we have to know we can use card readers (or chip readers). Please make this a priority.

    Thanks, ~Kathy

  • Hey @kmcwilliams!

    Online giving - good question. Currently, there is no card reader that is associated with Breeze for Card Payment as Breeze is not a POS platform. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. 

    Additional information on Breeze payments:

    Benefits of using our Integrated Breeze Payments:

    • Everything all in one place; no third party software to use or manage
    • Complimentary Giving Website and Embeddable Form
    • Complimentary Text Giving
    • Auto Entry of Contribution in Breeze for Donor Year-End Statements
    • Member Access to Manage Recurring Donations and Review Giving History
    • Staff Workload Reduction in payment processing (as compared to in-person giving), will not need to enter contributions into Breeze, connect to people, or bring to bank
    • Full Reconciliation Reports provided with Bank Transfers

    We do believe in providing you choice for your payment processors. While we've built a lot of automation into the administrative side of Breeze Payments, you're welcome to utilize third-party auto and manual providers. 

    ​More info on that here:



  • Hi! We have a member who asked if there was a way to save their information (name, address, etc.) when they go online to give instead of having to enter it every time?  They give every week but it can be varying amounts so reoccurring payments isn't an option. 

  • @wade92503

    Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to be able to save this information unless it's a recurring gift. Payment info for individual gifts are not saved within Breeze for Security reasons. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause! If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our support line at 888.320.6030


  • We have enabled online giving and have entered our API key from Stripe, however, we use stripe with our event plugin on our website as well. I am finding that the ticket purchases made through our website are generating an email from our Breeze online giving, as though they are using our online giving page (which they are not). How do I limit the email receipt to only send when someone uses the online giving page rather than every Stripe transaction?

  • @tamara

    Great question! Unfortunately, you're not able to control the two independently of each other. To disable the emails receipts for one, would be to disable for both (done in online giving settings).

    If you are using Stripe to process the payment, then the email receipt should be generated from Stripe. If you have more detailed questions, I suggest reaching out to our support lines so that we can best serve you!

  • I set up our transfer for the wrong day of the week. How do I correct this?

  • Hey @gcc4bryan!

    You can simply adjust this in the settings where you set up the transfer information. 

    Hope this is most helpful: Transferring Online Giving to Your Church


  • good morning,

    is there any update or timeframe when there will be a button for user to cover the processing fee herein? I see updates will come out on blog, but curious for further updates and potential timeframe... especially given the current virus and meeting issues therein. Thanks!



    COHC Wake Forest

  • Morning Paul!

    Thank you for reaching out to our team. This is a great question and one that has not fallen on deaf ears. It is something that many churches are wondering about. Unfortunately, we're not able to provide further updates about this particular status here. However, I can tell you that our team is aware of this request and have received multiple requests on this especially during this time. Please, know that this something that they are currently monitoring. There is great discussion about this as we seek serve our churches in the best way possible, in this current time of constant change with the virus. I recommend again subscribing to our blog to stay updated on future feature releases as they will post immediately if there are any changes or updates with online giving.

    While not the ideal answer you were maybe hoping for, I do hope the information is most helpful.

    Praying for you and your church!

    If you have any further questions, please reach out via email to our Support team:

    It is our desire to serve well!




  • It seems like you do not accept Debit cards in Canada that are issued by a bank? Could you verify this for me? Thanks.

  • @hanscomjeff

    Great question, here! It is accepted as long as it is a major credit/debit card. Here's an excerpt from our documentation:

    "We're happy to say that we do accept Canadian Credit / Debit cards. However, AFT is not available at this time in Canada. Once it is a bank card branded as either Visa, MasterCard or American Express then there shouldn’t be an issue with this.  This card must be branded (i.e. Mastercard or Visa) in order to work through our payment processor."  

    Here's the link: Online Giving Outside of the US


    I hope this was helpful for you!