Breeze Online Giving Fees

Discover the essentials of Breeze's Online Giving fees without monthly charges. This guide outlines the straightforward transaction fees involved, ensuring your church maximizes every donation.

Is there a monthly fee for Breeze Giving?

We love simple pricing and so there is no additional monthly fee for using online giving; rather you simply pay transaction fees (a small percentage of each donation) listed here

What are the processing fees for Breeze Giving?

If you would like to allow your donors to cover processing fees for web giving, you can now enable this feature within the settings of your Breeze Giving page. This feature not only introduces the idea of processing fees to your donor but also allows them to take action and help offset this cost for the church if they so choose. For more information check out our resource Understanding Donor-Covered Fees (Beta)

For a quick reference, the Online Giving fees in North America are: 

Method Amount Processing Time Before Funds are Made Available
Credit/Debit Cards 2.9% + $0.30/transaction 2 Business Days
American Express Charge/Credit/Debit Cards 3.5% + $0.00/transaction 2 Business Days

Bank Transfers (ACH)

1% + $0.25/transaction 7 Business Days

Additional details are listed in the link above. 

These rates only apply to U.S. Online Giving.  For giving information outside of the U.S. view Using Breeze Outside of the US

What methods can our donors use to give?

  • There are two ways to give: Give by Website and Text to Give
  • Giving through the "Give Now" in our free Breeze app.
  • Based on the unique settings you select, donors can have the option to give by Credit/Debit Card and/or ACH Bank Transfer (Available only in the US).

What credit cards are accepted?

Breeze Online Giving accepts all major Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX) in the United States.

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