Setting Up and Managing Member Giving Accounts

Setup Giving Accounts

Giving accounts, also known as "Member Access Accounts," are great for donors who wish to:

  • Manage their recurring gifts
  • Give quickly through a previously-used card or bank account1
Donors will first need a Breeze account to log in with. You can either create it for them or allow them to create it themselves .
To set up a donation on the user's end:
  1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" 
  2. Make a contribution using your chosen payment method
  3. Your payment method will now be stored in Breeze for future contributions

To manage their recurring gift(s) they can...

  1. Log into Breeze.
  2. Click the "Give Now" tab in the upper left.
  3. Click "Recurring Gifts" from the navigation on the left and click "change" to adjust the recurring gift they'd like to change.

To give from a previously used card or bank account they can...

  1. Log into Breeze.
  2. Click the "Give Now" tab in the upper left.
  3. Enter the amount they'd like to give and any other selections they want to make and click "Donate Now."

To delete a donation method from the user's end:

  1. Log into Breeze and Click on "Give Now" 
  2. Click "Payment Methods" on the left
  3. Click the x to the right of the payment method you would like to delete.
1A member will not be able to see their recurring gifts in the "give now" section until after their first gift processes and the gift has been correctly associated with the user. The Give Now tab when logged into your Breeze account as a User or Member is an internal link and cannot be customized as it includes only the fields necessary for an individual submitting an online gift to your church.

For other ways for donors to give without a Breeze Account See these Resources:

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  • We have the Breeze giving page embedded on our website. I had a member contact me and tell me that when they try to sign in to their member account, it does not go past the login page. Upon testing it myself I encountered the same problem when using my phone, but when I logged in on my computer it worked fine. Is there a way to fix this problem?

  • @tucker

    Great question! We really appreciate you taking a moment to reach out about this. 

    Does the username have a space in it? If so, this could prevent someone from logging-in effectively from their phone. The username blank does not "like" spaces on mobile devices, so I would probably begin there. 

    If you continue to encounter errors here, please give us a call on our support line and we would love to be able to troubleshoot things with you!

  • The instructions are incorrect. The give now link appears under "more" on the right side of the users page.

  • @jeffthompson

    You make a valid point here. Our current updates are causing some of the buttons to shuffle around in terms of location.

    It also depends on the permissions that the Members are given as to rather the button is located under the "More" button. 

    If a Member only has the permissions to see "My Profile" and an online directory, the "Give Now" button is located per the article.

    As the updates are finalized, I will make sure to flag the article to make it more clear that the button placement can shift. 

  • How do you cancel recurring credit card payments for members who  do not have log in credentials? 

  • Hey @info!

    This is a great question! :) To stop a recurring gift for those without log-in credentials:

    1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
    2. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the "Recurring" tab. Click on this tab.
    3. Search for the donation you'd like to modify and click the amount.
    4. Select "Stop Recurring Gift" at the bottom left of the Recurring Payment.
    For more information, check out this helpful article:
    I hope this is helpful! Have an awesome day!
  • I have recently become my church's Treasurer and as such I have updated access to the full church's Breeze management.... however that seems to mean that I also have no way to manage my own personal account. I cannot find the Give Now button anywhere when I login to be able to manage my own recurring gift. Can you please provide some instruction? My login page/dashboard is now 100% dashboard for my church's overall Breeze information. Where/how can I switch the view to manage my own personal account? Thanks

  • Hey @jujubean84!

    Thanks for reaching out regarding this situation! 

    Upon looking at your account, it looks like your updated role doesn't have access to the "My Profile" permission. This permission is needed in order for your to manage your own personal account!

    We would recommend reaching out to a primary admin on your church's Breeze account and seeing if they can add that permission to your new role, so you can have the ability to manage your account! :) 

    Here are some resources that may be helpful for this situation:

    Why can't I see my Profile or the "Give Now" button?

    Attaching a Profile to a User

    I hope this helps!