Can we pick and choose which funds someone can donate to via Online Giving?

Breeze allows you to customize which funds are available for donation through your online giving platform. By accessing the "Settings" within the "Web Giving Box" on your Online Giving Page, you can easily manage and select the funds you wish to make available for donors. This flexibility ensures you can tailor the giving experience to meet both your church's financial goals and your congregation's desire to contribute to specific causes.


Setting a Default Fund

Additionally, the platform enables you to set a preferred default fund, guiding donors towards a specific fund while still offering them the choice to contribute to other available funds. This feature helps streamline the donation process and can be particularly useful during specific campaigns or fundraising initiatives.

For step-by-step instructions on customizing your online giving options, including selecting available funds and setting a default fund, visit Customizing Your Online Giving Page.

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