Entering Multiple Credit Card Payments Error

Sometimes, you may need to enter a number of credit card payments through Online Giving or you may have a form with a payment set up in the lobby of your church.  After processing several payments you may receive an error, preventing you from entering any more payments/contributions. 

We know this can be frustrating, this really is a security measure to protect your church and Breeze from any fraudulent activity. If you receive this block or anticipate having a need to process multiple payments from a single location: 

Contact Breeze Support

Our Support Staff would love to help you put a solution in place! 

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  • Please make this whitelisting function available to us in the platform so we aren't hamstrung by waiting on support to respond on weekends. We can't process legitimate donations.

  • Hi @Karin! I'm going to be sending you an email here in the next few moments. Your request of allowing Breeze users to handle this would result in some security hurdles that I would love to explain to you further in our Support channel. Always feel free to reach out to security@breezechms.com for the fastest help here!