Editing an Online Contribution that was given to the wrong fund


Sometimes a person will give a donation online and will select the wrong fund. To fix this, you must edit the contribution within Breeze. This article explains what happens and some possible solutions. 

Confusion arises because the contribution is edited in Breeze but it doesn't edit the gift in the transfer history report. 

 To Edit an online contribution:

  1. Edit the contribution 
  2. Choose one of the options below:
    1. Add a note to the batch name if desired to help when reconciling the online giving batch and the transfer history report.
    2. Add a note to the contribution to indicate the fund was changed due to the wrong fund being chosen when the online gift was given.  
  3. The transfer history report will not change when you edit the online contribution in Breeze. 
  4. Editing the contribution only changes the information in Breeze and has no impact on the original contribution or the transfer history. 



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