Exporting Your Data

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    Garold Endsley

    Really a more detailed question.


    Will it export to Quick Books, or do you have to take it to excel format then import to quick books.

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    Hey - that export is exclusively a csv export which will open in excel format.  However, we do have a QuickBooks integration which you can find here: Using QuickBooks with Breeze

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    For exporting of events, are there plans to expand this to allow for exporting a specific event calendar versus all the calendars?

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    I'm looking for a way to export data that includes photos for a customized directory template using mail merge. Is it possible to export photos? The directory template options provided by breeze are very limited. The older members of our church prefer large photos and one family per page (2 pages per sheet) and I'd like to find a way to use our Breeze data in this way.

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    Emily W.

    Hi Carolynn!

    I wish I had some better Breezy news for you, but unfortunately the only place to include photos is in the directory and you are right, it is a bit limited. And at t this time, you cannot export photos. That may change in the future, but I do not have ETA on when that would be. One recommendation and I know it wouldn't be ideal, but you could create your own, using the information from Breeze but an outside source that would allow you to create it using larger photos. We also appreciate feedback and new ideas that you could submit on our feature request page: breezechms.com/features 

    Happy Breezing! 

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