Finding People Who Have Missed Events

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    Pam Schrupp

    Can I set up one alert for two events? We have two services on Sunday, and I would like to have an alert if someone misses both of the services on a given week rather than two alerts I need to cross-reference. 

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    Emily W.

    Hi there!

    Great question! Because the services are separate/individual events, unfortunately you would need to set up two alerts for both the services. I know this is not ideal and I do wish I had better news. Please reach out and contact support if you need any additional support.

    Keep up the great work at your church! 



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    Is there anyway to edit an event alert without having to delete and make a new one?

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    Micah M.

    Great question! At this time the only way to edit an event alert is to make a new one. That's a Breezy idea though to have the ability to edit current Alerts!

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