Moving attendance from one event to another


Effortlessly transfer attendance records between events in Breeze ChMS using this user-friendly guide. Learn how to seamlessly manage attendance data by moving it from one event to another, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting. Whether you're rescheduling gatherings or consolidating similar events, this article provides step-by-step instructions for executing the transfer process efficiently. Explore now to streamline your attendance management and maintain comprehensive records in Breeze ChMS.


Resolution Option 1 (easiest):

If attendance was entered into a future event or an event that did not previously have attendance data entered, simply swap events by clicking and dragging the events to their appropriate days:


Resolution Option 2:

  1. Go to the wrong event with the attendance and either print a list or keep an open tab of everyone who attended.
  2. Open up the Check In page of the correct event (currently without attendance), and manually check each person in using the list from the wrongly-entered event.
  3. Go to the wrong event with the attendance and uncheck the people who were checked in.

Additional Information:

IF you are fairly certain that there has been no other attendance taken, you can use the Delete Attendance option in Breeze to remove the attendance in an easier fashion (this will have to be done BEFORE you enter the attendance in the right event).