Printing Attendance Sheets

If you're in a situation where you need to print out lists of people on paper for check in purposes, you can use Breeze to print out attendance sheets. To do so:

  1. Click the "Events" tab on the top right and click the event you'd like details on.
  2. On the pop up, click the "View Details" button.
  3. On the menu to the left, click "Reports" (You can also load a saved report as shown below)
  4. Set the date range to the desired range.
  5. Towards the upper right of the screen, find the "Download as Excel" button and click the arrow just to the right of it.
  6. Select "Print Attendance Sheet" from the dropdown.

If you want to print out a different attendance sheet for each tag (assuming the event's eligibility is set by tag), select the "Group by Tag" option prior to printing the attendance sheets. (This can be found under the "Tags" criteria on this same report page.) Breeze will then print out a different page for each tag.

Once you click print you can use your browsers print options to change to landscape if you would like to print more than a single month on a page.


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  • I am trying to print attendance sheets for the month.  All of the information is on the page but the lines do not show up for the chart.  I have not experienced this problem in the past and was wondering if there is something that has changed.  I would appreciate any help!

  • I had asked a question earlier and received your answer. I have one more question regarding attendance sheets.I couldn't find my original question on here to loop them together. So here's my question:

    I have found the way to print out attendance from your instruction. Thanks so much!! Now, is there a way to add a sign in/sign out column on the attendance sheet? Or can I make another form for each class specifically for sign in/ sign out purposes?

  • Hey @Pam!

    You are most welcome. Great question! While there is no way to include a sign out column, you could always print 2 copies and use one for signing in and one for signing out.

    While this may not be ideal, I do hope the information is helpful.

    Blessings to you! 

  • Is there a way to categorize by first name instead of by the last name?

  • @officeassistant

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! Sorting by First Name is unfortunately a limitation of Breeze at this moment. 

    We appreciate your patience with us as we continue to expand the functionality of Breeze to better suit the needs of our customers!

  • This worked GREAT!!  When printing the pages "Group By Tag" is there a way to print the title and date range at the top of each page?  Thanks.

  • @luciagammon

    Great question, Lucia! There isn't a way to do this through Breeze, but you may be able to make some changes in your Print Settings as it relates to date/time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you!


  • Is there a way to add blank lines at the bottom of the attendance sheet so that people can add their names?

  • Hi @danastigdon! Great question here!

    As it turns out, Breeze will only generate rows for existing profiles, but depending on how large your list is I find that there is a good amount of space at the bottom where you can have people manually write in their names for when you're checking in people later.