Product Comparison Breeze vs. Twenty:28

As you explore new options... 

Looking to make the switch to Breeze? We'd love to make the decision as easy as possible so we've put together some information comparing Breeze pricing and features with Twenty:28. 

While this article contains our opinions and bias, we truly are convinced that we're able to serve small and mid-sized churches really well and we hope compiling and sharing this list is helpful as you evaluate your options.


Breeze has similar pricing. Breeze has one simple flat rate of $67 per month (that's aimed to serve small and mid-sized churches). All features are available and you can load in as many people, users, events, etc. as you'd like and your price won't change.


Breeze is easier to use. Twenty:28, while powerful, has some interfaces that can be a bit confusing with too many buttons, menus, and dropdowns.

With a laser focus on simplicity, Breeze aims to provide what you need in a simple interface that just makes sense. Here are a few things we think you’ll appreciate about Breeze:

  • Customize your Profile Fields - Customize what is captured through personal profile fields that make sense to your church - and truly focus only on what propels your ministry forward.
  • Advanced Searches - Make discovering and communicating with a subset of members a Breeze with the simplicity of search options matching your profile fields.
  • Communication - Create directories, mailing labels, email and text message (individuals or groups), all from one easy to use interface that is consistent across nearly all Breeze features. Reaching the people associated with your church has never been easier.  
  • Volunteers - Don’t just schedule events and check-in, schedule your volunteers while you're at it.
  • Reporting - Done within the feature you are using (not a separate module). The same filter, sort, and exports are available across the system offering ease and consistency.

These are just a few differences between the systems, highlighting our focus on simple, elegant, and intuitive designs. By creating interfaces and processes that everyone can use, churches can empower everyone to use the database - staff, volunteers, and members. And, each user can have different permissions ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections.

Ultimately, you get to be the judge of how easy-to-use the software is; try a free feature 30-day trial of Breeze; we'll even move your data in for you! letting you determine if Breeze would be the best fit for your church.


We're a small team of people who have experience running churches, working in churches, volunteering at churches, and supporting churches. We're passionate about seeing churches succeed!

We also assume that most small and mid-sized churches don't have an IT person on staff. As a result, we see our role as being the IT department for the churches we serve, at least in the scope of Breeze. Call us or email us with questions whenever you'd like, we’re here to help. Support is completely included, free of charge. 

We’ll move you in

We'd love to transfer your key data into Breeze and there's no additional cost for this, allowing you to hit the ground running!

We know moving your data can be a daunting task. Furthermore, if this process doesn't go well, it can be devastating for the long-term effectiveness of the database as a database is only as good as the data that's in it. Because of how critical this step is to get right, we're happy to do it for you.

One of our import specialists can access the export features of Twenty:28 to get your data (or receive a file you send us), turn around and then import that data into your Breeze account. Let us handle the move for you, and guide you through the process from start to finish. And for those who are technically inclined and would prefer, you're able to do the import yourself using our bulk import features.

Ready to give Breeze a try?

We hope this comparison has been useful. In fact, we'd love it if you would give Breeze a try!

If you want to learn more about Breeze, check out our home page. Here you can sign up for a FREE full featured 30 day trial of Breeze!

We look forward to partnering with you in ministry!