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Complimentary Move-In Process Explained

The Move-In Team here at Breeze is fantastic and works with you every step of the way: from getting the information out of your current system, to formatting and moving everything into Breeze within 7 days. 

How to Sign Up for a Move-In:

If you haven't joined Breeze yet, the first step is to sign up! You will then receive an email from our Move-In team asking whether or not you'd like to take advantage of our free Move-In service.

If you're already part of the Breeze family, you can manually sign up for a Move-In by clicking here.

During this request process you will be able to specify whether or not you'd like to move in the information yourself (we'll send you some directions), or if you'd like for our team to take care of the move-in for you. 

Once your request has been submitted, our Move-In team will reach out via email to let you know that they have received your request and will set up next steps for the move-in process.

How Breeze Gets Your Data for Move-In:

If Your Data is on a Cloud-Based System:
If your data is currently kept with a system that uses a cloud-based login and you'd like to take advantage of our Move-In services, our team can log in on your behalf and get the information you request. We would then format this data and move it into Breeze. 

If Your Data is Kept in a System Local to Your Computer:
If your data is kept locally on your computer but you'd like our help in extracting the information, we have an Export Specialist that does just that! You would simply schedule a time for our Export Specialist to remote-in to your computer and get the data you need out of your current system. They would then pass that information along to our Move-In team to then upload it into Breeze. 

If You Already Have the Files (Excel, Access Files, etc.):
If you already have the files of information you'd like move into Breeze, during the Move-In request process there will be a place to attach these files and leave a comment for any additional information you'd like to pass on to our team.

Regardless of how we get your data, once we have it the Move-In process can take up to 7 calendar days. And remember, we are always here to help along the way.

If you're ready to get your Move-In scheduled, you can sign up for a Move-In by clicking here.

Move-In Process FAQs:

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  • We would likely be having financial history loaded months after membership data, as our finance committee does not want to make system changes as they go into tax and stewardship (pledge) season.  How are tables linked for pledge and donation history, e.g., can the unique keys for households and individuals be exported and used as import links for dependent data that are added at a later time?

  • @ellenma8

    HISTORICAL contribution data can be added at a later date. Pledge information can also be historically added as well! All of this would be transported into breeze through an Excel document. If you would like us to handle this migration for you, we would be more than happy to help! All this would require issue scheduling a secondary import request through our Support line.