Let's Help You Move in to Breeze!

We recommend our complimentary move-in services, but if you'd like to give it a go yourself, this article will help!

Step 1: Clean up your Data

Before moving in to Breeze, we highly recommend taking a look at your data in your previous system. The best start in Breeze is as good as your data coming from your previous system.  

Step 2: Download your Data

Click here for a list of instructions on downloading your data from many common Church Management Systems. If you already have your data, continue on my friend!

Step 3: Create Profile Fields

Profile Fields in Breeze are where you store information about people on their profiles. A profile field could be "Baptism Date" or "Phone Number." To get you started, we'll provide some sample profile fields in your account. To take the next step before importing your data, click here. Profile fields are needed for each piece of data you're importing.

Step 4: Import Your Data

You're now ready to import your data into Breeze! Select one of the following based on the type of information you're importing:

Import People 

Import Tags (Groups)

Import Giving

Import Giving Envelopes

Import Attendance

Import Notes

Congratulations! You've Moved in to Breeze!

Next Step: Getting Started Checklist