How does Breeze Compare to Other Church Management Tools?

While we may not know the ins and outs of other Church Management tools, here are a few reasons why people love Breeze.

First is Our People. We have a friendly and brilliant support staff that are all experts with Breeze.  They're available by phone or email from 9 am-6 pm EST, M-F.  While some companies charge for added support, our support is complimentary.

Second is Our Price. While other companies may charge per module, with Breeze you only pay $72 per month (US Dollars) for all our services.  Also, we have no setup fees, no termination fees, and you can cancel anytime.  

Third is our Product. Breeze is both a simple yet powerful tool.  We believe in making ministry easier with a product that can be used by both volunteers and staff alike.

The best way to experience Breeze is to dive into a free demo. 
Click the following link to jump right in: 
Can I Try Breeze for Free?

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