Customizing Profile Fields

Add Customized Profile Fields: 

  1. Navigate to the "Account Settings" (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right
  2. Select "Profile Fields"
  3. Drag items from the left and drop within the section you desire
  4. Rename the field to the name you desire
  5. Click "Save Changes"
This updates all of the eligible fields for every person within your database.

Edit Profile Fields

  1. Click the profile field you'd like to edit 
  2. You can now change the profile field label (i.e. "Employer" to "Profession")
  3. Or, change the field options within a multiple choice, checkbox or dropdown profile (i.e. under "Status", change the option "No Longer Attends" to "Inactive"
This updates all of the eligible fields for every person within your database.

Delete Profile Fields: 

  1. Click the profile field you'd like to delete
  2. Click the "x" to delete the profile field entirely, or simply one selection from the multiple choice, checkbox or drop-down selections
This updates all of the eligible fields for every person within your database.

Reorder Profile Fields

  1. Drag and drop profile fields, or complete sections, to fully customize how you view your people screens. View the information most important to you in the way you want to see it.
This updates all of the eligible fields for every person within your database.

Types of Profile Fields

Profile Field


New Section Creates a new block where data can be stored and grouped together. (i.e. member information, contact information, important dates, emergency contact information).
Section Description Provides a description to each section letting users know what data is being stored there, or if data is being stored in a certain way.
Text Offers a placeholder for [text] that may not match other profiles. (i.e., second address, second cell phone / home phone number). Text limit for characters is 65,000 characters. Note:if adding a link, it will need to include the https:// portion of the URL to be clickable.
Multiple Choice Gives users the option to select one option specific to the field. (i.e., campus location, worship service attended, membership status). Once an option is selected on someone's profile, there is not a way to un-select that profile field when on an individual's profile. Users need to do a People Search, and then click the Update People option. They then need to select the (multiple choice) profile field they want to edit. They need to make sure no options are selected and then click Update.
Checkbox Gives users the option to select multiple options specific to the field. (i.e. stewardship commitments, spiritual gifts).
Dropdown Gives users the option to select one option specific to the field. (i.e., campus location, worship service attended, membership status).
Notes Stores notes in specific sections. Notes can be up to 2,500 characters.
Date Stores important dates that can then be searched. (i.e., baptisms, birthdays, confirmations, funerals).1
File Stores up to 8mb files. (i.e. certificates, background checks).
1Any date profile field with the word "Anniversary" in it will make it eligible to be toggled on for Notifications in the User Settings.

Commonly Used Custom Profile Fields 

Here is a list of commonly used fields that may be helpful to think through when creating new profile fields:

  • Status
  • Marriage Date
  • Married At
  • Married By
  • Baptism Date
  • Baptized By
  • Profession of Faith Date
  • Background Check Date
  • Deceased Date
  • Transfer In Date
  • Reason Joined Church
  • Transfer Out Date
  • Reason Left Church
  • Membership Date
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Skills (e.g. electrical, plumbing, etc)
  • Title (e.g. Mr., Mrs., etc)
  • Allergies (can be stored simply for reference or printed on check-in nametags)
  • Secondary Address
  • Personality
  • Occupation
  • Eligible to serve in Children's Ministry
  • Should Not Serve
  • Membership Category
  • Membership Stopped Date
  • Membership Stopped Reason
  • Membership Details
  • Include in Church Directory (could also be handled by filtering by membership status)

Locked Profile Fields


When editing profile fields you will notice that some have a lock () icon next to them.

Locked fields are unable to be edited or deleted. This is because these are primary information fields that Breeze uses throughout the platform (such as mailing labels, directories, text messaging, emailing, etc).

You can move locked fields to a less visible section in your Profile Fields and/or Hide it from View from the Permissions of each Role.

You can also manually replicate the locked profile fields if you would like to customize them.  If you do this, please note that they will not respond to the additional Breeze functions listed above.

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  • When creating a new person you can tag them but added family members can not be tagged on their creation page. You have to first create them then go back into their individual profiles to tag them. This is cumbersome when dealing with a large family that needs all the children in different SS classrooms . Am I missing something?

  • Hey @info

    You aren't missing anything unfortunately. You are right. There isn't a breezy way to do this.You bring up some great points in what you're trying to accomplish in Breeze. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and this is something I will certainly pass along to our team. We’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better!  For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out



  • Is it possible to modify the birthday and anniversary fields to just show the month/day and not the year? I want members to be able to see when someone’s birthday has arrives but some people could be uncomfortable with knowing the date.

  • Hey there!

    Great question! At this time, that is not a current feature within Breeze. One recommendation for those who do not want the year to show is to adjust that to 0000-you'd lose the age but would still see the birthday.


  • Is it possible to restrict profile fields in any of the following ways globally:

    1. profile field is only visible to and editable by person and church staff but not other people,
    2. profile field is only visible to and editable by staff,
    3. profile field is visible to person but only editable by staff?

    We have use cases for at least two and maybe three of these. I do know that #1 can be accomplished by marking the field private on a case-by-case basis, but I'm interested in creating fields that are private by default.

  • Hey @breeze, 

    That's a great question and username!  You can certainly set up permissions for all the possibilities you posted.  However, you will have to dig in to get the right combinations, and you may have to set up multiple roles.  

    Here are some resources you may find helpful:

    I hope this helps!

  • I have no idea how I ended up with that username, but thanks for confirming that it's possible.

  • I'm wondering if there is a way to edit the values in a field, specifically the Status field, can we customize the values?

  • Hi @bassbuff!

    I may need a bit more clarification, but yes, you are able to edit and customize the fields including the status fields as the directions and video above demonstrates.  Locked fields are unable to be edited or deleted, but you are able to edit the rest of the fields. 

    To edit the information within a profile, you can simply follow this: Editing a Profile


  • Your comment about editing fields that are not locked is exactly what I was looking for.  Figured it out.  Thank you Emily!

  • You are most welcome! Have a blessed day! 

    Happy Breezing!

  • Hey Friends! 

    Is it possible to "copy and paste" a profile field if you need to have multiple of them?

    I am adding in a dropdown box and didn't want to have to type in the 20 results lol


  • Hey @carl!

    Great question! I wish I had a betters solution, however, at this time, that is not possible. I would love to be able to do that as well! Would you consider leaving a feature request on our page?

    Please consider sharing this with our team here:


  • One of our customized fields (Friend Date) is showing as available in the Profile section, but does not show up when entering a new record. Note: Prior records with Friend Date data does continue to show up in those records which have such data recorded.

  • False alarm - I see that Breeze provides the great feature of selectively allowing fields to either be displayed or not. Thank all!

  • Is there a way to get the 2 columns back? After deleting the education section from the 2nd side it disappeared. Now I have all 6 sections just in one column

  • Hey @rownahenrichs -

    I have sent you an email to be able to further assist you with this.

  • I have the same single column issue, please send me the email.


  • Hey @brcquick, 

    I will also respond to your request via email.


  • Is there a way to add a numeric (not text) field so that I can later filter for a range of values (as now can be done with age)? Right now it seems you can only filter for one text value at a time with a Text field...

  • Hey @webadmin!

    Great question! That's a neat idea! At this time that is not a current feature within Breeze but we're happy to think it over. Would you consider sharing this request on our feature request page? If so, check this link out:

    Happy Breezing! 


  • Is the Dropdown type field a multi-selection field (can more than 1 option be selected)? On this page it states the definition for Dropdown as "Gives users the option to select one option....", however when adding a new profile field that is a Dropdown type, it states "Selected Options" which implies more than one option can be selected. Additionally, if a new profile field is added and it's type Multiple Choice, or Checkbox, or Dropdown, if no values are predefined for that field and the people data is imported from the Template file, will those new profile fields just be populated with a selection list of values from the unique values in the import file for that field? I hope that makes sense.  Thanks in advance!

  • @schwingkas The dropdown option allows for you (or the user) to make one selection out of multiple options provided. This is what a dropdown option looks like in a profile -

    The checkbox option allows you (or the user) the option to select multiple options specific to that field as you can see below how it appears in the profile:

    I am sorry for any confusion. I am not sure where you are seeing the "Selected Options". 

    You are absolutely correct in thinking if no predefined values are put in place for those fields when you import data, the new profile fields will be populated with a selection list of values from the unique values in the import file for that field. Or even if you create predefined values, if what you import differs from the options it will create new values too. (I learned this the hard way, I imported people to Breeze at my church and used a Dropdown box field for what used to be a text box, meaning people could type whatever they wanted...) The options that are now provided under that drop down are borderline comical. We will just say, I learned that I should have let Breeze import our data.  

    Please feel free to reach out to support if you need any further clarification as we would love to assist you! 


  • It seems there is a problem editing "Section Description" fields. I edited the text. but could not save it as Breeze did not detect the change.  I worked around by adding a dummy field and then deleting that field. This activated the "Save" button.

  • Hey @sraisz!
    Great catch!! That certainly isn't expected behavior! Another easy workaround is to edit the text field, then drag it around and drop it back in the same spot. This will also generate the "Save" button. I'm going to pass this on to our technical team to fix though. I'll also reach out to you privately to keep you in the loop! Thanks again for catching this!

  • Is there any way to change the "Family Role" options in the "Family" Filter? We would like to remove "head of household" as it may be confusing for people in our congregation and may have difficulty in certain situations like adult children, etc. 

  • Hi @johnhau!
    Great question! While we're not able to customize the actual family roles in Breeze, many churches opt to use the "adult," and/or "spouse" roles for all adults and/or married adults in the family. This removes the confusion of the "Head of Household" role. Check out the following article as well for additional information as well: Family Roles!

  • Hi...I created a bunch of different sections and customized fields. I need some to be visible for certain contacts and others for a secondary group. I don't want all sections/fields available for all contacts. Is that possible in Breeze?

  • Hi @sandranoble582!

    You can control which profile fields are visible to certain users within Breeze. You would set permissions for users to be able to view or edit those profile fields as you desire. Here is a link to an article which would be helpful for setting permissions in Users and Roles: Editing a Role. Unfortunately, if you would like certain profile fields to be visible only on specific people's profiles within your Breeze database that isn't possible.  

  • I'm trying to figure out what is actually in the locked profile field "name".  When I run special excel reports on attendance with "name" I get five fields--first, last, middle, nickname and maiden name.  Generally only firstname lastname is all we want.  It is a pain to have to consistently delete those fields.  Is this a "feature" of Breeze or did I import these field from our previous system and now can't get rid of them?