Entering 12/31/1969 in a Date Field

Are you having trouble entering in 12/31/1969 or 1/1/1970 into a date profile field, or possibly seeing this date show up as default in some situations? You're not alone and you're not going crazy!

What's up with 12/31/1969?

The reason why this date doesn't work has to do with the programming language UNIX (which powers part of Breeze). 12/31/1969 is what a date field reverts to when the code calls for a date but it can't locate one. Or, to put it in different terms, it's the default date for a blank date field.

Why 12/31/1969? Here is an article that explains why that particular date: https://www.a2hosting.com/blog/whats-the-deal-with-12-31-1969/

Alternatively, a profile field could be reverting to 12/31/1969 if there is a missing value or error when importing a date profile field.

If you need to enter in 12/31/1969 or 1/1/1970 for a birthday or anniversary, unfortunately, the current workaround is to enter in 12/31/0000 (1/1/0000) (or any other year besides 1969 or 1970, respectively). This is hard coded into UNIX and, at this current stage in Breeze's development, there isn't a way around this date code. 

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