Multiple Campuses / Multiple Locations

If you'd like to use Breeze with multiple locations and multiple people at those locations, we can do this!  Generally speaking, we'd recommend that you use Tags to setup those locations and then under Users & Roles, give the administrative users for each church location only access to the people under Tags that they need to interact with.

Here's what we'd recommend doing:

Step 1: Import or Have Us Import All of Your People (at all locations)

Step 2:  Setup a Tag for Each Location

  1. Click the "Tags" tab on the top right.

  2. Navigate to the folder in which you desire to place the tag.

  3. Click the "Add New Tag" button.

  4. Give the tag a name and save.

Step 3:  Assign People to Tags

  1. Create a list of people you'd like to assign the tag to by running an advanced search.

  2. Click "Assign to Tags" on the right.

  3. Select the tags you'd like those people assigned to.

  4. Click assign to complete the process.

Step 4:  Create Roles for Each Location

  1. Navigate to "More > Users & Roles"

  2. Click "Roles" on the left

  3. Click "Add New Role"

  4. Give the role a name, description, and desired permissions

  5. Click Create Role

Step 5:  Edit the Roles for Each Location to Only Allow Access to that Location

  1. Navigate to "More > Users & Roles"

  2. Click "Roles" on the left

  3. Click the pencil icon to the left of the role you'd like to modify

  4. Change the permissions you'd like adjusted and save

Step 6:  Create Administrative Users (Give them the right roles!)

  1. Navigate to "More > Users & Roles"

  2. Click the "Add New User" button

  3. Fill in the required information and click "Create User"

Step 7: Create Calendars for each Location

  1. Use our resource, Using Multiple Calendars to create your calendars and limit your user's permissions to only seeing their campus's specific calendars / events.

Step 8:  Modify as needed to fit your scenario.

The Contributions section in Breeze does not split for multiple campuses, and the permission to view the Contributions section trumps that of People permissions. A campus financial secretary can filter their results by a campus tag, but will still be able to see the giving of another campus as a whole.

Transfers from Online Giving can only be linked to one bank account. Funds can be established for each of the campuses, so that the campus attendees choose their campus fund from the online giving page, but the transfer will still process to a single bank account.
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