Private Data


The address, email, and phone fields allow you to mark a specific person's data as private. For example, Joe Smith might not want his mobile phone visible in the member directory and so he (or a church administrator) could mark the field as private.

Marking Data as Private

  1. Navigate to a person's profile.
  2. Click the gray header over the section containing an address, email, or phone number.
  3. Below the field select "Show More Options."
  4. Check the "Make Private Data" checkbox1 and save your changes.

1 If you don't see this checkbox, you most likely don't have the "People > Edit > Private Data" permission.



Viewing & Restricting Private Data 

  • Users who have the "People > View > Private Data" permission will be able to view private data.
  • Users who do not have the "People > View > Private Data" permission will not be able to view private data.
  • When administrative users are generating a printed directory, an option exists to hide private data from the printed directory.

Cell numbers that are listed as "private" will still be printed on a name tag that has the "parent cell phone number" in one of the custom fields.  If the desire is to remove the phone number completely, including from the name tag, the Breeze Best Practice would be to create a custom profile field for completely hidden cell numbers and move that person's cell number into that field.