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    • How can I create a custom profile field for completely hidden cell numbers, so only people with "Private Data" permission can view it?
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    Emily W.

    Hi Ellen, 

    You have to first create a profile field and name it something similar to "Private Data" since there is already a profile field named that.

    To change what information is stored in profiles:

    1. Navigate to "More > Profile Fields."
    2. Drag items from the left into the center area within the section you desire.
    3. Rename the field to the name you desire.
    4. Click "Save Changes."

    Once created, you would then move that person's cell number into that new field. Next you would need to delete the number in the cell number field. After your changes have been made and saved, you now have a profile field for private data that can be hidden.

    Because that will be a new custom field, it will show up in the list of permissions for you to give those who need access, the ability to view that profile field. :) 

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    Is it possible to hide a person’s entire profile? We have members of a recovery group that aren’t members of the church, and don’t want to be identified, but we would like to keep include in attendance. 

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    Hey @lukkydog - you could create a tag and put anyone that you don't want the general users to see in that tag.  Then you can hide that tag from any users/roles that you'd like by going to More > Users and Roles > Roles and then editing the roles that should hide those people.  Under People you'll see "Can Only Access Certain People > People Not in Tags" - then choose the tag that you've created.  Now those profiles will be hidden from general users, but people who have roles that can still see that tag will be able to check them in for attendance. 

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