Private Data


The address, email, and phone fields allow you to mark a specific person's data as private. For example, Joe Smith might not want his mobile phone visible in the member directory and so he (or a church administrator) could mark the field as private.

Marking Data as Private

  1. Navigate to a person's profile.
  2. Click the gray header over the section containing an address, email, or phone number.
  3. Below the field select "Show More Options."
  4. Check the "Make Private Data" checkbox1 and save your changes.

1 If you don't see this checkbox, you most likely don't have the "People > Edit > Private Data" permission.



Viewing & Restricting Private Data 

  • Users who have the "People > View > Private Data" permission will be able to view private data.
  • Users who do not have the "People > View > Private Data" permission will not be able to view private data.
  • When administrative users are generating a printed directory, an option exists to hide private data from the printed directory.

Cell numbers that are listed as "private" will still be printed on a name tag that has the "parent cell phone number" in one of the custom fields.  If the desire is to remove the phone number completely, including from the name tag, the Breeze Best Practice would be to create a custom profile field for completely hidden cell numbers and move that person's cell number into that field.


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  • We would like to put in a filed something like "Passed Background Check" - a yes or no type thing, but we want to make it so only two of our directors can see it.  Is this possible? I can't see a way to make that type of field private.

  • Hey @amy!

    Yes, this is possible. What you would need to do is make sure that they are the only ones that have permissions to see that particular field. They would need a role that has that field selected. Anyone else with a role, you would just simply uncheck that field so that they could not see it. People<View<Passed Background Check.  In my Admin role, you can see that it is selected which means that I would have permissions to view this. 

  • When the private data fields are checked in a person's profile, does this also remove their data from being seen in an online directory being viewed by a member?  Or would we have to use the Opt-Out Option for that?

  • @office

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! The answer is, yes. Members would not be able to see any private data unless they were given permission to see private data. Any private information will remain safe and out of visibility for any Role without Permissions to see Private Data!

  • Hi! Is there a way to bulk change contact info to private? I used a form to collect our high school students' contact info and connect that info with their existing profiles. However, I want their cell numbers and emails private so that only the youth group leaders can see that data. Is there a way to bulk change cell numbers and/or emails to private for a specific group, or do I need to go in and do that manually for each person? Thanks for the help!


  • Hey @amber,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to bulk update information to be marked Private. At this time, that is something that has to be done in each profile. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

  • Can we add a "make private" option to other profile fields, or only the ones that are assigned by default? We have some members who prefer their children's photo not be visible to ALL, but visible to admin and ministry team tags.  And other similar requests. 

  • @nurseaubrey

    The "make private" option is only available for certain areas of breeze. Unfortunately, it does not seem that breeze would have the granular permissions for what you're trying to do. For example, you wouldn't be able to keep the profile picture from being seen for specific kids without it not being seen for the other people you have access to as well. 

    We certainly apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you! Unfortunately, in this case it may be appropriate for the specific kids to simply not have a picture listed for their profile.




  • Greetings! My church has a policy that all minor's contact information should be kept private from the online directory. We manually updated hundreds of minor's profiles to set their contact information to private since it can't be done in bulk. However, members can update their own child's information, so sometimes the private field is getting reverted. I have set up Smart Tags to identify contact info that is not private and hide it from the online directory until we manually fix it, but the problem I'm having is with the phone fields. Because home, mobile and work phone fields are grouped together into a generic "Phone" field when filtering, if one phone is marked private but not another, it considers all phones as being private. So if a profile has for example, a private home phone but a mobile phone that is not, it's getting missed from the Smart Tag assignment because it considers all phones as being private. Any suggestions on how to filter by the different types of phone fields?

  • @rgheddy

    This is a great point! Unfortunately, this is a limitation with Breeze however it would make a great feature request! 

    Take a moment to submit this to us for review: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Hello - is there a way to mark contact info as 'private' in bulk. Would like to make mobile number private for our members.



  • @amber

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Currently, Bulk changing Private Data is a limitation of Breeze. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. You would need to make this change individually with each profile. 

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any other questions or concerns you may have!

  • When I export on a People search the "Private" information is showing up in the Excel document. I do not see a box to check to NOT include "Private" information. Is there something I'm missing?

  • Hello Amber,


    This is Annie with Breeze Support and I am so glad you asked this question! There is not a way to bulk edit the privacy for youth students! I know how important that is though and I definitely appreciate you asking. I would love to invite you to fill out a feature request here, so we can hear your feedback and improve: Submitting Feature Requests


    I am so sorry that Breeze does not have a Breezy solution today, but I hope that with your feedback, we can improve!



  • I had our Parish Admin add a Private T-shirt size to BREEZE(only user and head of household can view).  Can the Parish Admin run a report on this fied to give me counts?  I really only need aggregate data (# - SM, # - MED, # - LG).  Please advise.

  • Hey Bill!

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us today concerning your question about filtering the database. You can do this by accessing the advanced filter search on the left side of the People section. I'm going to send you some information via our Support Email in order to give you more clarity! 


  • Concerning the Private designation for email, phone, address: When we download a list of people to Excel, choosing "All Fields", the result shows data in fields marked private, but does not show the field that controls that setting (for example, Email Private = Y).\

    Can you advise on how to include in an Excel download?

    Thanks very much



  • Hey @Amber, unfortunately at this time there is not a way to bulk update private data. I certainly understand how frustrating, having to manually enter each profile and update this in the records can be. Do know that this is on our radar, and it is something that our team here at Breeze is exploring as an option for future updates. 

  • How does Private Data affect texting? If a text is sent to a tagged group, would a person with Private Data only receive texts sent from a user with Permission to see Private Data? Or would they receive all texts regardless of sender's permissions? Or no texts regardless of sender?

  • An issue I have noted is that I have my cell phone noted as DO NOT TEXT, but when the Parish Administrator sets up a CALENDAR APPT REMINDER, it does not read the DO NOT TEXT and sends me a text anyways.  I had to delete my mobile # completely from my profile to stop the auto TEXT for these calendar appointments.

  • Hey @Peggy You are absolutely thinking correctly about this! If a user does not have role permissions to Private Data when they send a text message, it will not go out to those in the tag whose number is marked as private. Because technically that user cant see the private numbers and therefore, should not be able to send to them. 

  • @sullivanbill10 The do not text removes the number from any bulk text messages that are sent out by the organization, but does not remove the profile from individual messages, which include Volunteer Reminders. Here is an article that explains the specifics of the do not text a bit more. 

  • Thanks Ashley.  Still an issue in my eyes.  I add my cell number so I can be contacted by other church leadership by cell if needed.  I do not want auto texts at all.  That should be an option to block ALL text (bulk AND individual messages that generate from Breeze).