Creating a Secondary Mailing Address in Breeze

Secondary addresses can be stored within Breeze by creating two new profile fields to store this additional information. You can create a new profile field by going to:

  1. The "Account Settings"(Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.png) on the top right
  2. Select Profile Fields
  3.  Choosing the appropriate field option from the left-hand side. (e.g. the Text field)

As there is not currently an additional "Address" field option (on the lefthand side), you will need to create your own place to store this information. We recommend using two different Text boxes as your profile fields, and calling the first one "Secondary Street Address," and then the second text box "City, State, Zip".

These additional address fields are for reference only and mailing labels would not populate for these fields. The original Address field drives all output of information (i.e. everything that comes out of action panel, the creation of mailing labels, the mapping of addresses, etc.)


How to handle Snowbirds/College Students

When an individual is residing at their secondary address, it will need to be reflected in the Address profile field, and the original address moved to the secondary option.

While Breeze does not have a default way to switch between the two addresses, there is a way to make the organization and management of this information a bit easier. This would be to use dropdown profile fields that track when individuals are at their secondary address.

An example would be:

For college students, you can have a Dropdown profile field called College Students with the options of: May - August, April - August, May - September, etc.

For snow birds, you can have a Dropdown profile field called Snow Birds with the options of: January - February, January - April, January - March, etc.

After logging this information in Breeze, you'll be able to do a routine search in the People section, and see whose address needs to be changed to their secondary address option.

If you would like to switch the main address field with the secondary address field for part of the year, you can use Bulk Update People to move the address fields from the regular address field to the secondary field and vice versa. 

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