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    Much easier to follow!  However, when I went back to enter the anonymous count using the same event name, it counted it as separate events.  I'll be looking for how to merge multiple "copies" of the same event, and how to prevent that happening.  Second, again using anonymous, there doesn't seem to be an option for anonymous when checking into an event directly, then I could have entered the anonymous count and deleted the extra event created when I uploaded attendance.  

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    Hey!  Does your event have a specific time in the calendar?  If so, that time has to be included next to the date or it will make it as a second event - a little tedious, I know. You'll want it to look something like 6/6/18 10:30am.  

    We do  have an "anonymous check in" option in the check in page.  You'll use the directions found here.  
    Hope this has helped! 

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