Invalid Object Error Message

Uploading ID for Online Giving in Stripe

When completing the Online Giving verification, sometimes you might receive an "Invalid Object" error when uploading your driver's license.


This can happen for a few reasons:

  1. You are uploading the photo in a format that Stripe (our online processor) doesn't recognize. 
    • The only photo format that Stripe allows is a JPEG. Anything outside of a JPEG will not work. (i.e PDF, PNG, etc.)
  2. The image uploaded was in greyscale (Stripe needs full-color images).
  3. The image uploaded was either upside-down or sideways (this happens a lot).
    • Stripe tries to read the text on the image to ensure it matches the information you put in the form. The image needs to be saved and uploaded right-side-up to read properly.
  4. ID Information doesn't match.
    • If the information (such as the name) does not match exactly, it will cause an error.
    • For example, if someone registers their account with Shayne Boodoo, but their driver's license says Ryan Shayne Boodoo, it will give that error message. The name and ID have to match.

Breeze Support Can Help:

Please try to re-upload the image in jpeg format, and ensure that the image is in full color, and right-side up. Also, ensure that the information on the ID matches what you've entered. If, after trying these steps, you continue to receive the "Invalid Hash" error message, please email a copy of your color, photo ID to Breeze Support ( and our team of brilliant advisors and specialists will manually work to upload your image for you!