Can I change the language to Spanish?


While support for multiple languages is outside of our current scope, some day in the future we'd love to add it in. 

While there is no native translator inside of Breeze, we have a built-in coding that allows web browsers like Google Chrome to translate the page for you! 

To enable language support in Chrome:
1) Open Settings
2) Search for "Languages"
3) Click the "Add languages" and select your language of choice.
4) Click the three dots next to the language and check the "Offer to translate pages in this language" box

Now when Chrome loads a page, you'll be prompted to translate the page into your selected language.

This is our best workaround in Breeze!

You are also able to add custom fields into the profiles with whatever labels you'd like, and so all of this could be in Spanish. This will change for everyone, and not just a certain user. I know it's not quite like having the whole site in Spanish, but for what it's worth.