Managed Network Firewall Allowances

Managed Network Information

You may be having issues accessing Breeze; upon logging in you get a white, blank, screen. Or you might be experiencing "odd" printer issues; black labels, inconsistent printing, or prolonged printing times. 

A Managed Network, Firewall or Virus Protection Software (such as Macfee) is likely to be the culprit of these issues. 

These things can often cause Breeze traffic to not be able to travel freely across the network. Adding allowances or exceptions to your firewall, virus protection software, or managed network should help:

You will need to add these three firewall allowances to the network:

    • *
    • *
    • *

The Pusher allowances aren't always necessary, but it's best practice to go ahead and add them to eliminate any network issues. 

Additional Information

These firewall allowances don't cover issues that come into play because of incorrect configurations on the part of the customer. However, if everything is configured correctly, and the printing issues persist or you are unable to login and access Breeze, these firewall allowances may solve the problem.