Managed Network Firewall Allowances


  • Customer is experiencing "odd" printer issues. Black labels, inconsistent printing, or prolonged printing times. 



  • A managed network means that the organization usually has a server onsite to which devices connect. It could also mean that there is a centrally located firewall that directs all traffic. In other words, there is hardware (beyond a router) that is managing network traffic. When this situation is in place, it often means that Breeze traffic isn't allowed to travel across the network without adding allowances or exceptions.



  1. The organization needs to add these three firewall allowances to the network:
    • *
    • *
    • *
  2. The Pusher allowances aren't always necessary, but it's best practice to go ahead and add them to eliminate any network issues. 


Additional Information:

These firewall allowances don't cover issues that come into play because of incorrect configurations on the part of the customer. However, if everything is configured correctly, and the printing issues persist, these firewall allowances may solve the problem. 

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