Restoring Deleted Email Templates in Breeze

Occasionally, while managing your email campaigns in Breeze, you might find yourself in need of a template that's been inadvertently deleted. Although Breeze currently does not offer a direct feature to restore deleted email templates, there's still a pathway to effectively address this situation. This article is designed to guide you through the process of recreating your deleted email template, ensuring you can continue your communication efforts with minimal disruption.

Understanding the Limitation:

It's important to acknowledge upfront that once an email template is deleted in Breeze, it cannot be directly recovered. We understand the challenges this may present and extend our apologies for any inconvenience.

Steps to Recreate Your Template:

  1. Gather Information: Begin by compiling any existing information you have on the deleted template. This could include checking your personal email inbox for any sent messages using the template.
  2. Review Email History in Breeze: Navigate to your email history within your Breeze account. This feature allows you to view past emails, providing a reference point for reconstructing your template.
    • To access this, go to 'Account Settings' and select 'History.' From there, you can find and view emails sent that used the deleted template.
  3.  Recreate the Template: Using the information gathered from your email history or personal inbox, start rebuilding your template in Breeze. Although this requires manual effort, it's an effective way to regain your valuable template.
  4. Save and Test: Once you've recreated your template, ensure to save it within your Breeze account. It's also a good practice to send a test email, verifying that the new template aligns with your original design and content expectations.

While the inability to restore a deleted email template in Breeze might seem like a setback, following these steps to recreate your template allows you to resume your email communications with confidence. 

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