Registering Multiple People for One Event

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    I am guessing this method does NOT work if you need to use check in for said event. I'd love to have that verified. Otherwise, great information. Thanks!

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    Hey @mleichty - that's correct, it will not work if you want to use that form for event check in.  You can create a specific tag for each of the children listed in the form (which would need some manual adding), and then use that for your check in. 

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    Can this be used to connect the person to a specific event on the calendar so they can be checked in when they arrive? I do I understand correctly from the above response that it does not?

    So if someone used the registration form would they be able to be found in the "People" section?

    If so, if they input family members (like a new family registration), would they be connected to that main person?


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