Registering Multiple People for One Event

If your church has a summer kids camp then you've probably run into a situation where you've wanted to create registration forms for multiple people.

Important Note: This is the best practice to register multiple registrants if you do not need to add them into your database.  When syncing a form result to a profile, Breeze will only allow for one profile to be created from the results.  When using this method we recommend using the parent as the synced/created contact which will allow you to contact the parent through email/text.  

If you need to have the ability to create multiple profiles with forms, you will have to register people individually -- one person per form. 

Here's the Breeze Best Practice Guide for registering multiple people at once with forms. 

1. Create a new registration Form

For directions on how to create a form see Creating a Form

2. Change the fields that are initially listed in the registration form to input parent(s) information.


Click on the fields to rename them.  If you'd like to collect both parent's information, change to "parent 1 name", etc. and then create new text fields for the second parent's information. 


You will probably want to make the second parent's information optional by unchecking the "required" option for the single parents. 


3. Create "Section Titles" for each section 

This will help create dividers for the information being collected to prevent confusion.


4. Decide the information that you want to collect on each registrant

Using the left side you can drag and drop different fields for your registrants to collect information.

You can use the date field to collect a birthday, the dropdown field to select a grade, the text field to include allergies, etc. 


5. Repeat these fields for each additional registrant you want to allow on one form

Important note: Make sure to mark all additional person's information as "optional" or else the form will not be able to be submitted without all fields filled out.


6. Collect Payment

Change your payment field to include a price point for each number of possible registrants.  You can use the section description to explain how to choose the price. 


Here is an example of what your form will look like when you've finished:



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  • I am guessing this method does NOT work if you need to use check in for said event. I'd love to have that verified. Otherwise, great information. Thanks!

  • Hey @mleichty - that's correct, it will not work if you want to use that form for event check in.  You can create a specific tag for each of the children listed in the form (which would need some manual adding), and then use that for your check in. 

  • Can this be used to connect the person to a specific event on the calendar so they can be checked in when they arrive? I do I understand correctly from the above response that it does not?

    So if someone used the registration form would they be able to be found in the "People" section?

    If so, if they input family members (like a new family registration), would they be connected to that main person?


  • We have a very similar situation for registering multiple people in a family to an event. We have many paid events and classes in our church throughout the year. Families with children have to fill up the registration forms every time redundantly since the information is in the Breeze database. We are hoping we could simplify the registration (signup) process using Breeze.

    When parents go to an event, they will need to sign up their children for childcare and the youth program. The event registration fees, childcare fee, and youth program are all different prices plus pre-ordering lunches or dinner packages. on the admin side, we need to know the children's age and counts for selecting appropriate teachers.    

    Since Breeze can only connect one person in a form automatically. We are struggling how to collect info from the parents so we could collect payment and add other family members to the event. What is the best way to handle it with Breeze? 

  • Hi @fondachang!

    You are correct, that Breeze can only connect one person in a form. So depending on whose information you want/need to connect, would be who needs to fill out the form. To add other family members, to the event, you could create a specific tag for each of the children listed in the form (which would need some manual adding), and then use that for your check in so that they are displayed on the list for checkin for that event. I know that this may not be ideal, but I do hope this information is helpful. 

    Happy Breezing! 

  • I am trying to do this for our marriage class.  I want a husband and wife to be able to register on one form but I keep getting a message that I can only have on "name" on the form.  I followed the instructions like on the camper form renaming Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 and it it will not work.  I do not want each person to have to register.  Seems like a pain for couples to have to do that. I want their name to be able to be pulled into the breeze checkin.  Please, please help.

  • Hey @kpitcock, You will need to use the "Name" field for one of the spouse name fields (This will be the person that the form will actually connect to/ update) then you will need to use a Text field for the second spouse name. 

    If you register multiple people on the form at one time, rather than individually, you will only be able to have one of their names (the one that filled in the Name field Box) at Check-In. 

    Please don't hesitate to call us, and we can see if we can come up with a workaround to help you accomplish what you are looking for.  We’re open 9am - 6pm (Eastern), Monday - Friday, (888.320.6030).

  • I have created a multi-child registration form and an event. Prior to the event, I would like to sort the kids into classes (tags) and print name tags. In the form entries, their is an option to export as name tags but it only shows the parent's name. I can also only tag the parent. For the check-in process, the parent is checked in instead of the child. How do I make the children who are registered listed as entries? For these events, they are the primary clientele, not the parent.  

  • @ebenjamin

    Great question! Forms are a great tool for registration, but there are some limitations and it's important to know exactly how to use them. Feel free to give us a call for more information!

    One of the primary things to remember is that you must use the child's name as the primary name for the form. Each form can only contain one name field, and that should belong to the primary registrant. If you would like to document Parent names, please use the text box for this functionality.

    Also, if your goal is to have each child that is registered be added to check in, then you will want to make a different registration for each child. In other words, multi child registration on one form will not give you the result of having each child eligible for check-in. You will want to have each child register on their own form. Even if there are multiple children in the same household, you would need to fill out a form for each one of them. We understand that this isn't the most "breezy" process, but this is the currently functionality. 

    Thanks for your patience with us as we continue to develop Breeze for your benefit!

  • I'm new to Breeze, could you clarify-- So the parents complete a Family Registration Form #1. Then our staff can print out the results in a spreadsheet and do the data entry ahead to register each of the children with a separate Form #2 to prepare for Child check-in in the morning.  New families that don't register ahead could complete Form #2 on site before check in. If we double check allergy data for accuracy, is this a good practice for checking in children?

    And how is VBS registration different from Sunday morning Child Registration? I noticed in your online examples of Children's Service, it's only the parents that are check in, is that right?

    What are the best options for VBS volunteer sign ups? Thanks!

  • @office

    Thanks for reaching out to us!  My name is Nate, and I am an advisor here at Breeze.  Great questions by the way, let's see if we can't get you some clarification here.  

    1. While your staff can definitely print out the results for data entry, I just wanted to mention that we might be able to save you some time and energy!  You can actually connect the data from a submitted form directly to a member's profile.  Connecting A Form With A Person at or Updating People From From Entries at
    2. And yes, Form #2 in your situation could always be completed on site.
    3. Technically, the concept of any registration (or Form) would be the same, however, the data you're trying to acquire, or information you're needing to share, would be the only difference from form to form.  
    4. Finally, as far as your VBS Volunteer Sign Up is concerned, you might want to actually take a look at our Volunteer Management section.  You can either Invite or Assign volunteers, so this might be a worthwhile feature for you all.  For more info, please visit

    Feel free to reach out to us for any additional questions!  We're also available by either phone or email.

    Breezy Blessings,


  • I have been using Wufoo for online registrations how can I replicate in Beeeze forms?  They have multiple options which I need, for example matching each child to a specific email/cell phone, not the family email/cell phone.  Discounts for volunteers etc..  I also had the option to have the families with only one child can bypass the additional children information.  The goal is to switch everything to Breeze so our data base is up-to date, however if we can't do that I will have to continue to use Wufoo and manually enter their info into Breeze.  


    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Follow up question, 

    Is there a way to link one form to another so that we can connect kids to their own emails rather than their parents?

  • Hi @eklinker,

    These are great questions and might require a longer response to answer them all. Be on the lookout for an email from me soon! 


  • Hello! We want to create a payment registration that depending the amount of adults selected the amount will change automatically vs adding a line for each adult. Ex. if in 1 form a member selects 3 adults will attend at $5 per person the total payment submitted should be $15. Can this be done? 

  • Hey Denise!

    This is Titus with Breeze Support, Great Question!

    In your example, you can add a payment field, and then add as many adult options in that one field with the corresponding price increasing by $5 for each adult! Then whichever line item the person registering chooses, the form will automatically adjust the payment needed by $5.

    I hope this answers your question! Let us know if we can do anything else!


  • I see here that all of the comments address the very same issue I am having.  Obviously, we need to track the children who are being registered. The children are the ones with dynamic information that changes from year to year.  At the same time the parent will be the one registering and receiving correspondence from us.  It is a great hardship that breeze requires a separate registration form for each person registering.  It is a hardship on the parents if they have to do a separate registration form for each child and it is a hardship on the administrator who has to manually do all of the data entry for family members every year when registration for Sunday school and religious education classes start.  The fact that Breeze only has the capacity to register 1 person per form is my biggest complaint with the database.  As the main religious educator and administrator at our church, I spend so many needless staff hours sorting through each and every family's form every year.

  • Hello @office,

    Thanks for taking the time to jot all of this down for us. I definitely understand and empathize with your sentiments! As a children's director at my church, I face this same frustration as well!

    I know that our team appreciates your feedback and I know that we would love to improve forms to better serve church's needs. Our heart is to faithfully serve churches well, and we are continuing to do our best in updating our features on a monthly basis. I will do my best to continue to advocate for the changes you have mentioned as a member of the Customer Advocate team! 

    I know that our product team will love to hear your sentiments as well and we welcome you to fill out a feature request here.

    In the meantime, I have a work-around idea for you that may help. I made a video for this which you can watch here!

    I hope this helps! if you need anything else, shoot us an email at! Always happy to help!