Duplicating Forms

To duplicate a Form:

  1. Navigate to "More > Forms."
  2. Click the "duplicate form" (Image result for copy image) icon on the right of the form that you'd like to duplicate
  3. Change the title of the new form
  4. Click "Create Form."
If you are duplicating a form made before October 2016, the same payment fields will be reproduced in the new form, meaning you will not be able to add multiple payment fields.


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  • Hi- I am creating an application form. Do you have a feature to simply copy each component? For example, if I create a multiple choice question I would like to simply "copy" or "duplicate" this component. Currently, I have to re-enter the same information every time. I think being able to click "copy" or "duplicate" would allow me to create the form more quickly. 

    Thank you!

  • Hi @krystal,

    Great question! Unfortunately, copying and pasting a particular field in a Form is not currently a feature in Breeze. At this time, only entire Forms are able to duplicated.  I apologize for all the extra time that might be costing you!

    If you'd like to submit a feature request for this idea, you can do that here: Submitting Feature Requests. This is the best way for our Product Team to see the needs of our churches and how we can be continually improving Breeze. 

    Hope that helps!