Primary Admin to Account Owner Role Permissions

As the Account Owner, you now have unrestricted access to every feature within Breeze, a significant change from the previous system where Primary Contacts could adjust their own permissions.

Previously, you might have limited your access to certain features like the "Giving" section based on your specific role or preferences. With the new Account Owner role, this kind of permission customization is no longer possible.

While this full access supports comprehensive management capabilities, you may prefer a more streamlined view when not performing administrative tasks. Here's how you can set up a secondary login with restricted permissions for your day-to-day use:

Recommended Steps for Setting Up Customized Access:

Create a Custom Role:

  1. Log into Breeze as the Account Owner.
  2. Navigate to the “Roles” section within “Users & Roles.”
  3. Define a new role, selecting only the permissions relevant to the views and tasks you need for your everyday activities. Exclude permissions that are not necessary for your daily operations.

Establish a Secondary User Account:

  1. Still in “Users & Roles,” proceed to create a new user account.
  2. Assign the role you just created to this new account.
    Use this new user account for your regular Breeze activities, keeping your full-permission Account Owner login for when you need complete access.

This approach ensures that you can maintain a simpler, more tailored Breeze experience while retaining the ability to switch to the Account Owner account with full permissions when necessary.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Regularly Update Your Custom Role: As your needs and the functionalities of Breeze change, regularly update the permissions of your custom role to ensure it continues to meet your requirements.
  • Securely Manage Both Accounts: Ensure that both your Account Owner account and your secondary user account are secured with strong, unique passwords.
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