Editing A User

Overview: Editing a User allows you to change the information linked to a specific user.  You can edit the username, role, name, email, profile connection (must have a role that connects to a profile) or edit their password. 

To Edit a User:

  1. Go to Account Settings(mceclip3.png)
  2. Click "Users & Roles"
  3. Select "Users" from the left side column (this is selected by default)
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the user you'd like to edit







Editing the username will edit what their login username is.  The username can be their name, email, a description of their role at the church, pretty much anything that they'll be able to remember for login in purposes! 


This will change the role that they are currently assigned.  The role is where they would get their permission to access (or not access) areas of Breeze. To learn more about roles, see Editing a Role. 

First Name/Last Name

Where you would change the name of the user.  This will not reflect on their profile, only on areas where it lists a "user". 

Email Address

A valid email address is required.  If a username/password needs to be reset, they will get an email link to reset the password.  Likewise, if an administrator edits their user, a new username and password can be emailed to them.  In addition, any emails that the user sends out will come from that email address (which may be a different email address than what is attached to their profile) and any replies will go to that email address. 

My Profile

Type the name of a profile in Breeze and click on the correct profile to link a user to a profile.  This will allow them to do things with their specific profile (pending their permissions) that they may not be able to do with other profiles in your database. 

The "My Profile" area may not be included on this window if "My Profile" is not a permission selected in the role that they are currently assigned.  To have "My Profile" included they will need a role that has any box of "My Profile" checked off in the role.  See Editing a Role to get more information about how to include that as an option in a role. 


Change Password

Clicking "Change Password" will allow you to change the user's password. You can select to have the system email the user a copy of their new username/password combination.