Can two Users have the same email address?

In most instances within Breeze, multiple users can share the same email address. This can be useful in situations where multiple family members are managed under one primary contact's email. Below, there are specific scenarios within Breeze where unique email addresses are necessary, particularly when administrative privileges are granted to a user. 

Unique Email Requirements for Administrative Access

For security and administrative clarity, Breeze requires unique email addresses for any user granted administrative access to certain areas of the platform. This requirement helps maintain security protocols and ensures that administrative actions can be accurately logged and attributed to individual users. These areas include:

  • Sites in Breeze: Users with administrative permissions need a unique email address to manage site settings and configurations.
  • Apps in Breeze (Coming Soon): When launched, administrative access to Apps in Breeze will also require a unique email address for each user.
  • Service Planning in Breeze: Users responsible for managing and planning services must have unique email addresses to ensure proper access and functionality.

Why Unique Emails Matter:

Using unique email addresses for administrative roles enhances security by:

  • Ensuring that sensitive actions are traceable to individual accounts.
  • Preventing accidental or unauthorized changes by clearly defining access permissions.
  • Facilitating more straightforward support and troubleshooting processes.

If you currently manage users who share an email address and have administrative permissions in Sites, Service Planning, or upcoming Apps in Breeze, we recommend updating these accounts to have unique email addresses. This update is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your site’s management and operational security.

Exceptions and General Use:

For general use, such as family check-ins or event registrations, Breeze still allows the sharing of an email address among multiple users. This flexibility supports families and groups who prefer to use a single email contact for communications from your organization.

Two users can have the same email but different logins! As long as the passwords are different, you can have separate users. One thing to be aware of is that if the "Forgot Password" tab is selected, it will ask for an email address. It then becomes tough to tell which user it is associated with. The best recommendation for this scenario, should you forget the password, is to change it from the "Edit User" screen in Breeze.


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