Account Owner Explanation

When a Breeze account is first established, by default, the very first username & password that is created at signup is established as the “Account Owner”. This is an individual, acting on behalf of the "Organization" (ie. the Church), having full authority to enter into a binding contract on behalf of the Organization, that registers with the Service. 

What does this mean?

We recommend the account owner being someone you trust. This user will be the primary point of contact between your church and Breeze. Billing Issue alerts, Online Giving Issues, and important updates about your account will be sent to the email address associated with this user. 

Account Owner FAQs

  • Breeze accounts can have only one account owner user designated
  • The Account Owner is the only person who can assign someone else as the Account Owner on the account. * Here is how you can change the Account Owner on your Breeze Account
  • The Account Owner is the only person who can cancel the Breeze subscription. 
  • The Account Owner will receive alerts from time to time that can contain contribution information, (ie, givers name and amount of gift) regardless of if the Role assigned to the user has access to contributions or not. 

Notifications Received by Account Owner:

Note: If you'd like these notifications to go to multiple people, try setting a forward directive in your email client. This would allow these messages to forward to multiple people once received in the Account Owners's inbox.

Billing Issue Notifications:

  • If the monthly Breeze subscription fails to process, the Account Owner will be emailed to be notified of this. 
  • If the account is suspended due to a lack of payments, the Account Owner will be emailed to be notified of this. 

Giving Issue Notifications: 

  • If an Online Recurring Gift Fails to process the Account Owner will be emailed (email includes the name of the contributor, amount of gift, and information regarding payment details)
  • If there is an issue with the transfer to your bank account for Online Giving the Account Owner will be emailed. 
  • If someone disputes a charge the Account Owner will be emailed. 

Important Notifications:

  • When we release new features or are making changes to existing features, we will alert the Account Owner 

What If the Account Owner Is No Longer with My Organization?

In cases where the current Account Owner has left the organization or cannot log in to make necessary changes, follow these steps to ensure your account remains up-to-date:

  1. Prepare a Request on Official Letterhead: Draft a request detailing the need to change the Account Owner Contact. It should explicitly communicate which user was the account owner and which user should now be the account owner. This request must be written on your organization's official letterhead to verify its authenticity.
  2. Obtain the Chief Executive’s Signature: The request must be signed by the Chief Executive or an equivalent authority within your organization to demonstrate its approval and legitimacy.
  3. Contact Breeze Support: Submit your signed request to Breeze support. Ensure you include any relevant details that could assist in processing your request quickly.
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