Emailing Groups of People in Tags

Email a Single Tag

To email everyone within a tag:

  1. Select the "Tags" tab from the top right.
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the tag and click the tag name.
  3. Click "Email People" on the right.
  4. Compose your email and click send.


Email Multiple Tags

To email everyone within a number of tags:

  1. Pull up the list of tags you'd like to email by running an advanced search.
  2. On the left, one of the filter options is "Tags." Click it to expand it.
  3. Check the tags you'd like to email.
  4. On the right, select "Email People."
  5. Compose your email and click send.
If you only need to email certain people from these tags, simply select the checkmark to the left of the individuals profile. This checkmark will narrow down the list and will allow you to only email those who have been selected.


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  • I don't seem to be able to check tags as the instructions to email multiple tags states that I would be able to do.  I don't see how I can send one email to a combined group of two different tags.

  • Hi there! I can see how the above instructions could be confusing! To email multiple tags you actually need to start in the "People" section of Breeze first. From there, click on "Show More Filter Options."

    1. On the left, one of the filter options is "Tags." Click to expand it.
    2. Check the tags you'd like to email.
    3. On the right, select "Email People."
    4. Compose your email and click send.

    I hope that's helpful!

  • When I click on Tags it only gives me option of all Tags. The tags created are not listed as options.

  • Hey @kaysquitieri!

    Happy to help! In order to see all the tags listed, you will simply need to click on the small arrow next to the left of the "All Tags" to expand the rest of the tags.

    Hope this is helpful! :)

  • I created a folder that contains four tagged people. I followed the directions to email all four at once but only two people were identified in the cc at the top of the page. Why don't all four get sent the message and why are some cc'd instead of receiving the actual message? Thank you!

  • Is there a way to embed a video when sending out an email to a tag? 

  • @amy Wojciechowski

    Great question! If they were not included in that list it's because they do not have an email address within the database. You'll want to make sure that all four of them have an email address listed so that way they can be sent the email at the same time.



  • @tdixon

    Great question! There is not a way to embed a video… However, you can include a hyperlink to a video if you would like to. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

  • I just sent an email out to one of my tags and there was a picture in the body of the email. When I open the email on my phone the picture was there when I open the same email on my laptop it is just a blank square box. I have already received three replies to this email saying there is no picture. Help please!!

  • Hello, I am not the admin of our church I am a group leader and I am trying to e-mail the tag which is my group.  I get a message that says I have to go to user settings to enter an e-mail so the system knows where to send the e-mail from; however, I am not able to do that.  What to do?

  • Hi Jason! 

    Sounds like you might not have permissions to edit a user. No problem, though! Your account administrator can give you access by creating a new role for you or editing your current role. As an alternative, you can ask them to make sure the email address connected to you user is correct also.

    Hope that helps!

  • Sending emails via Breeze is very convenient; however, it doesn't look as if its sending me a copy for my records. Is there a way to find it via breeze? It shows it's coming from my email, but I'd like a copy to remember what I wrote. Does this mean I'll have to add my name to myself to get a copy?

  • I emailed all kids under the Sunday school tag, some of which belong to the same family/same parent email address.t There were 35 recipients listed but only 25 emails sent... basically, it turns out that each family received only one email. I had done a mail merge and addressed each child individually, but now have learned that only 1 child per family actually received an email addressed to her/him and the others were left out. Can you please verify that this is the way Breeze is intended to work? What is the workaround so that each child receives her/his own email?

  • @plajer

    Breeze is setup to only allow one email to be sent to a duplicated email address, when you are sending a group email. Currently the only workaround for this scenario, would be to email each child individually, or have a separate email address for each child's profile.


  • Is there a way to forward an email to a tag?  Does each tag have an email address that can be emailed in order to send out an email to all members of a tag?  That would be an incredibly helpful feature. 

  • Hey @larsonhicks,

    The current functionality of Breeze does not have the ability to forward an email to a tag. Depending on the email provider, you may be able to set a filter to forward the email.

    You bring up a great idea, where Breeze creates an email address for each tag that can be used to forward messages to the tag. Please share this with our team here: Submitting Feature Requests.


  • I'd like to take one already-tagged group (say Tag Group is named "Potluck Cooks") while also combining a search under status for "all men". I think the problem is that "all men" isn't already a tagged group? So we can combine different tag groups in an email, but we can't "add" others that aren't in a tagged group? I hope people can understand this question. Thank you!

  • @office

    Great question about combining a tagged group with another group in order to email them!  You are correct that if "all men" is not a Tag already you will not be able to group them with "Potluck Cooks" to email them.  So, first, create an "All Men" Tag.  Then, use the advanced filter to pull up all of your men and put them in that Tag.  Finally, go back to the advance filter and scroll to the bottom to Tags > Contains and select both the "Potluck Cooks" and the "All Men" Tags.  From there, you'll have your list that you want to email.

    Hope that helps!  If you have any further questions on this, I recommend you email us