Customizing Your Online Giving Page

The Breeze-provided online giving page allows you to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfer donations from anyone over the web. The giving page design makes giving easy and beautiful for your donors! You can uniquely customize the appearance of your Breeze online giving page.

Customizing Your Organization Giving Page

Within the Web Giving Settings, you can adjust color, Funds, Payment Methods, and more. To customize these settings:

  1. Navigate to Giving > Online Giving.1
  2. Click the Settings button in the Web Giving Box in the center-left of the page.
  3. Make your changes and click Update.
  4. You can share your newly customized giving page in many ways including embedding the giving page onto your website. 

1 This is assuming you've already Setup and Enabled Online Giving within Breeze.

Web Giving Settings Options


(Click on the options below to see what each section of the web giving settings contains) 

General Appearance Notifications

These are the basic, general, settings you'll need to customize in order to get up and running with online giving!

Setting Description
Payment Types You can select if you'd like to accept only Credit Cards (debit cards included), only ACH (eCheck) bank transfers or both.2
Can donate To (Funds)  You can select which funds show up on the online giving page. A single fund can be selected or multiple funds can be selected. If you want to add a new fund to the list, create a new Fund first and it will then show up on the list to choose from. This will show all active funds.3
Default Fund If giving to multiple funds, set which fund shows up as initially selected (this option only appears if giving to multiple funds).
Processing Fees If enabled, donors can choose to cover processing fees, helping the church offset fees for the donation.4
Comments If enabled, donors can leave a comment (note) with their donation.

2 If you change your Payment Type to limit to only ACH gifts, and a member had previously given via Credit Card, and had this payment method saved in the "Give Now", then they will still be able to give from their Give Now page within their member profile with the saved card on file. 

3 If you remove a fund(s) that donors are giving to through recurring gifts, the recurring gift(s) will continue to process with the original fund designation.

4 Only offered to US-based churches at this time. 

The Online Giving page which is completely customizable through the options above, will intentionally display (look) differently from the Give Now tab in Breeze, which cannot be customized. The "Give Now" tab includes only the fields necessary for a member submitting an online gift to your church 

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